Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Vision™: The Three-peat

With nothing exciting lately to talk about around the precinct-office watercooler, bored operatives are turning in desperation to your LakeCountyEye for their daily diversion. To put it bluntly, they want more LakeCountyEye Double Vision™ mashups and they want them now.

As readers of this blog are bifariously aware ...
Double Vision™
a Double Vision™ is a hand-crafted & hilariously funny Internet Separated-at-Birth post appearing infrequently on this blog. But alas, at the moment the LakeCountyEye joke-box contains nothing but cricket chirrups -- and operatives hoping for a new Double Vision™ are going to have to wait.

But fret not. Your LakeCountyEye will divulge the secret of how-to construct a Double Vision™. Operatives can enjoy hours of DIY busy-time, building their own Internet Separated-at-Birth mashups on their government-issue computers.

Step #1: Screen-Cap Someone's Web Page

The first thing needed is a target image -- some person or issue of interest is recommended. News outlets are a good destination for material, Fox Chicago News, for instance, has some stories about the Zion Nuclear Plant. Now hijacking content from an Internet news operation is technically a violation of copyright law. Your LakeCountyEye recommends hot-linking an image that has already been hijacked by some other website. A good source of hijacked screen-caps are the free-for-all libertarians over at the McHenryCountyBlog:

Looking at Zion's Nuclear Power Plant
Step #2: Find a Funny Foil

Next, find a companion image that will make your target look silly. Your LakeCountyEye recommends Google Images, and searching on Homer Simpson. Homer is not only good for a sure-fire laugh, but there will be plenty to choose from. Sticklers for detail will point out that this, technically, is stealing as well. But -- and this is a bonus -- no one is likely to waste their time tarnishing the Simpons brand by going after some backwater blog with a cease-and-desist order.
Step 3#: Copy and Paste

Now the fun begins. Paste the two images together and, voila, instant jocularity!

Lawmakers Tour Zion Nuclear Plant

It's fairly obvious, of the three, Homer is meant to be Joe Walsh. How Mark Kirk & Robert Dold are supposed to line up against Lenny & Carl is anybody's guess.


Anonymous said...

The Homer Simpson image for Walsh is an improvement to Walsh's image. I think Homer pays his Mortgage, keeps his car insured, and pays for his kids education instead of depending on rich relatives.

Here's more:

Walsh's Chief of Staff (Justin Roth), was a political hack and lobbyist for the Insurance and Bank lobby for many years. On January 5, 2011, Walsh started out as the poorest member of Congress. Now he has raised almost $400,000.00 in the 1st Quarter of 2011 thanks to the lobbyist he hired in DC. Walsh is taking money from anyone.

I wonder if Walsh ever explained any of this to his Tea Party followers in The Great Awakening, Barrington Tea Party, Palatine Tea Party, Northern Illinois Patriots, or the 9-12 Patriots. I'm guessing not. Now you know why Justin Roth is Walsh's Chief of Staff.

Walsh's District Director (David Carlin), is another political hack. He already had at least one big political paycheck in DuPage County - and his connections to Pat Brady and Kirk Dillard made him valuable to Walsh. The Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Insiders think they now have instant credibility with all those Tea Party supporters through Walsh. What a deal. The IRP gets an insider to babysit Walsh and they get some instant credibility with the Tea Party crowd. The Tea Party Leaders are in the dark about the Walsh-IRP deal. Now you know why David Carlin is Walsh's District Director.

By the way, Walsh lent $28,500 - (supposedly his own money) to his campaign in 2010. You can verify this by looking at the FEC (Federal Election Commission) filings. So how did Walsh do that? Where did all that cash come from?

Walsh is broke. He wasn't paying his bills. Walsh lost his expensive Evanston Condominium to Foreclosure just a year earlier. His highest ever income in a single year was $35,000 !

Walsh also has a few kids attending some very expensive Universities. So who's paying for all that? Where is all this money coming from?

At the end of 2010, Walsh claimed he still had almost $400,000 in debts. And for the 1st Quarter of 2011, he raised almost $400,000 and spent about $100,000 including paying himself back on some personal loans to the campaign, but he also decided to skip out on almost all of the $400,000 in debt he had at the end of 2010. He is now disputing almost all of that debt.

Here is the website to look up the FEC reports yourself:


Insider Lake GOP

Team America said...

Insider (and for claiming you are an insider, unless perhaps you are a former disgruntled Walsh campaign staffer, you don't sound like anyone I know, and most people consider me way on the inside), why are you re-running your prior comments from a few days ago about Walsh on this blog? Afraid not enough people saw your propaganda the first time?

BB's choice whether to leave your drivel up, but if you want to post the same stuff over and over, maybe you should just start your own blog and leave the same post up forever.

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that TA attacks the commenter for repetitaveness. The post seems very detailed,yet TA addresses none of this and dismisses it all as "drivel".

Barney Baxter said...

Just an FYI, everyone is welcome to post comments on this blog. Comments are not moderated, and nothing (short of Viagra ads) is censored here.