Sunday, May 22, 2011

District 61 Revisited

As readers of this blog are aware, the Illinois legislative maps are all being redrawn ...
31 Favors
Operatives looking for a Lake County angle on the story should expect to hear the crickets from the MSM and influential bloggers, who all seem to be relaxing this weekend on their big yachts or big golfcourses. For the big unreported remap story, however, look no farther than State Representative District 61, held by State Rep JoAnn Osmond. Well, District 61 used to be represented by her anyways, because if the new map lines are drawn as-is, Osmond will no longer live in her district:
The new Representative District 61 is the part shaded in green. Operatives are challenged to figure out on their own where Osmond's home address is. As a hint, the part shaded in purple is Representative District 64 -- which is currently held by a different Republican, Michael Tryon. Operatives are asked to visualize Rep District 64 breaching a levy separating Lake from McHenry County, and inundating Antioch and many other Lake County municipalities.

This is not all bad news for Osmond. Tryon, like Osmond, has been redistricted out of his district. The new Rep District 64 will be up for grabs in 2012, and presumably waits for Osmond to claim it. Which will make the new Rep District 61 an open seat. It could happen. Operatives are advised to stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Is Dan Venturi still in District 61?

Anonymous said...

No, he is not.