Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Comic Landscape

Last time your LakeCountyEye checked, the comedians at the McHenryCountyBlog were rehearsing one of their hilarious Vladimir & Estragon routines. They dug up, from somewhere on the web, a proposed final version of the 2001 Illinois legislative remap. Mistaking it for the much anticipated 2011 legislative remap, they published a long deadpan blog-post, measuring the proposed 2001 map up against the actual, ratified current legislative map:
Below on the left you can see the current map for the three state representatives for McHenry County. District 63 is Jack Franks', District 64 is Mike Tryon's and District 52 is Mark Beaubien's. And, it looks a lot like the map now, at least in this county.
New State Rep. Maps Appear on Speaker's Web Site
It looks a lot like the map now at least in this county, as indeed it should -- the two were essentially the same map. Stop it you guys are killing your LakeCountyEye!

For operatives who are curious, here's what the actual, current, 2001 legislative map looks like:
2001 Illinois Legislative Map
Of course, your LakeCountyEye doesn't go to the trouble of publishing these posts just for the opportunity to poke fun of the McHenryCountyBlog. This post is in fact an excuse for showing what the all-new, actual, 2011 legislative remap looks like. You heard it here first -- the proposed 2011 Illinois legislative remap is now out, for real & all over the Internet:
Proposed 2011 Illinois Legislative Map

Legislative District Proposal Released
The art of re-drawing State Senate & Rep boundary lines usually requires the deft hand of a surgeon, and in actuality is performed by someone handy with a meat cleaver. So naturally the new 2011 map will have far-reaching political consequences for Lake County, not to mention the entire state. In uncertain times like these, operatives turn to this blog for analysis and guidance, as well they should. Your LakeCountyEye hopes not to disappoint.

Your LakeCountyEye has taken the opportunity to parse the proposed 2011 Illinois legislative map through patented NASA image processing equipment and algorithms, and integrated the results with the latest available demographic, topographic, meterological and geographical numbers. The resulting picture has lead your LakeCountyEye to one single inescapable & irrefutable conclusion: the new one looks a lot like the map that exists now, at least in this county.

Ha ha. Ha ha.

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