Saturday, May 7, 2011

Down for the County

Operatives who have their home pages pointing to the Lake County government website -- -- are going to have to wait some more to surf their web. The website, that went down on Friday, is -- as of this posting -- still down. The Daily Herald has the sad details ...
The Lake County website remains temporarily unavailable. County officials say they are aware of the problem and are working to restore the website as quickly as possible. The county says it recognizes the timing of this website interruption coincides with Lake County residents receiving their property tax bills in the mail. Those wishing to pay their tax bill online by e-check or credit card, should use the following link:

Lake County website unavailable
If your LakeCountyEye remembers correctly, last year Lake County refurbished its totally oldschool Web-1.0 website. At a cost to taxpayers of about a half million dollars. Cough.

As a service to operatives, your LakeCountyEye polled the tech geeks at some nearby discount big box stores for answers. Unfortunately none had any idea when the site would be functional again. However there were quite a few opinions on what caused the site to crash -- and crash hard. Here are ten:

Ten Reasons Why the Lake County Government Website is Still Down
  1. Site taken down to scrub mail servers in anticipation of FOIA requests.

  2. Hits from the projected 90,000 new county residents crashed the site.

  3. Webserver housed at undisclosed secure site in Abbottabad.

  4. DOS attack initiated by warlike McHenry County.

  5. "Why wouldn't it be down? Mother's Day weekend is a Federal holiday."

  6. Principle source of power: Zion Nuclear Plant

  7. Raccoons nesting in the data switches.

  8. Every year at this time the website is taken outside for a good airing.

  9. Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran stepping in as interim web administrator.

  10. Someone forgot to renew the domain.

It goes without saying ... you know where NOT to look for your LakeCountyEye.

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