Saturday, May 29, 2021

Talk is Cheap

EEOC Violation
Lake County Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh can add another name to his list of EXes -- Ex-Shock Jock:
Joe Walsh says radio show canceled due to Trump criticism
What are Joe Walsh's employment prospects? Your LakeCountyEye hasn't spotted Walsh's resume posted on craigslist yet.

Of course, with the pandemic under control now, restaurants are looking to hire cooks and servers. But, for someone with political experience, there is money to be made down in Springfield, where the job of State Senator pays considerably better.

Note to Ops: Now that Casey Urlacher has been redistricted out of Senate District 26, entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie is running unopposed.  Where there is an urgent opening for a primary challenger.

Just Sayin!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Big Map Attack

You don't need a weather map to know which way the wind blows.
How many times has this happened to you? You've filed paperwork to run against the Establishment in the next election. But the power elite takes notice and stops you dead in your tracks. They've changed all of the maps -- and now from where you live you're not eligible to run for dog-catcher.

Of course, your LakeCountyEye is referring to Casey Urlacher and Dan McConchie.

As readers of this blog are aware ...
Casey at the Bet
Lake County favorite son Casey Urlacher was running against entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie in the 26th Senate District.

HaHa, not anymore:
Relief for McConchie: The redraw of Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie puts primary competitor Casey Urlacher in a different district.
It's a Remap Bloodbath
Note to Ops: It's good to be Senate Minority Leader. You can throw your weight around.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Fresh Off the Boat

Note to Ops: Have you received your dunning letter from the Village of Third Lake yet? If not check your Spam folders:

Boating Season is Almost Here Again
The Village of Third Lake passed a Boating Ordinance (Ord 21-01-01) that obliges you to buy a boat registration sticker.

And this means you.  Get out your checkbook.  No exceptions!

Even if you paid for a sticker last year -- it doesn't matter. Or even if you don't live in the Village of Third Lake -- they don't care. Or even if you don't own a boat -- that's no excuse!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Boom Times

Faster than a speeding bullet ...
If the Lake County exploding oil train hasn't exploded near you yet, that protracted hiatus may be coming to an end. CN Railway wants to expand its rail traffic in the suburbs:
A replay of a 2008 battle to stop the Canadian National Railway from acquiring another railroad is emerging in the suburbs with similar concerns about spiraling freight train traffic.
Could railroad merger lead to more freight trains in the suburbs?
It goes without saying that the more trains running through your town means the more likely there will be a derailed train not running through your town:
There is potential that "CN's freight trains will further burden the Chicago area with increased road network congestion by adding a significant increase in freight rail volumes"
Could railroad merger lead to more freight trains in the suburbs?
One spokesman for one railroad said: "What's your beef? It's not like we're going to cram in more miles of train than there are miles of track to hold them."

Friday, May 14, 2021

The Party is Ober

There's Always Next Year
On the heels of showing Liz Cheney the door, US House Republicans voted to fill her shoes with freshman GOP Congressman, Jim Oberweis.

HaHa, j/k.

Oberweis has been kicked to the curb faster than you can say the Big Lie:
The U.S. House on Wednesday rejected Republican Jim Oberweis' challenge to Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood's election last fall to a second term.
Rep. Lauren Underwood’s reelection stands as US House dismisses challenge by Jim Oberweis
What's next for perennial candidate and pardner Jim Oberweis? Look for Oberweis to challenge Lake County favorite son and pardoneer Casey Urlacher in the 26th Senate District.

You heard it here first!

Monday, May 10, 2021

Casey at the Bet

Money is the mother's milk of politics.
It is a documented fact that more people can tell you who their bookie is than can tell you who their State Senator is. Well, Casey Urlacher wants to even the spread:
Just months after being pardoned by then-President Donald Trump while facing illegal gambling charges, newly reelected Mettawa Mayor Casey Urlacher again is setting his sights on higher office, submitting paperwork to run for state Senate. Urlacher on Thursday filed a statement of organization that reactivates his Citizens for Urlacher political committee. It allows Urlacher, a Republican, to run in 2022 for the 26th state Senate District seat, a post now held by Senate GOP Leader Dan McConchie of Hawthorn Woods.
Months after Trump pardon, Casey Urlacher files to run for state Senate seat
Lake County favorite son Casey Urlacher is running for State Senator. Can he beat Lake County entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie? He can with an endorsement from Donald Trump.

6 to 5 for Uhrlacher, by your LakeCountyEye's reckoning!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Buy Land They Aren't Making It Anymore

With everyone pouring their retirement nesteggs into the stockmarket, why is the Village of Third Lake buying up real estate?

One resident asked that question at a Third Lake Village board meeting:

Village of Third Lake Regular Meeting of the Trustees
Your LakeCointyEye asked the property assessor, what gives?  He said: "As soon as they purchase four houses, the Village can build a hotel."

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Who was that Unmasked Man?

Can you spot the difference between these College of Lake County Trustees?
The man without a mask is conspiracy theorist and the new elected CLC Trustee, Robert Tomei Jr:
Readers of this blog will recall Tomei's two-cents worth on the JFK assassination and the Trump pee-tape:
That's News Tomei
The Lone Nut Theory
Appearances to the contrary, science and medicine is still offered at CLC:
Note to Ops: Get your Degree before it's too late!