Thursday, June 30, 2016


If your LakeCountyEye had a dollar for every request for a campaign contribution that is sitting in the spam folder, then your candidate might get a nice donation. But (note to Operatives) don't hold your breath.

Haha, this week's featured plea for financial support comes from candidate Dan McConchie ...
Here's the nutgraf ...
... Madigan allies have now slated a local Obama campaign person whom they own to try to take it over.

In related news, the Thirteenth Amendment -- which abolishes slavery in the United States -- was ratified on December 6, 1865.

When asked to make sense of the discrepancy, one neutral observer said: "Some of these trumbolones are still fighting the Civil War."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Drobinski, Rod Drobinski

If you collected a nickel for every crappy website that your LakeCountyEye has had to look over, you would have a big bag of nickels. But you'll have to give one of those nickels back -- because Rod Drobinski has a first-rate website:
Rod Drobinski for State Representative
Note to Ops: That expensive and time-consuming website intended to promote your candidate is going to be seen by only two sorts of people. Indolent reporters, and your opponents who are looking for oppo.

Which is why is a stand-out contribution to the genre. The website is loaded with warm'n'fuzzy images of the candidate and little content to speak of ...
One telling feature of is that there are very few clickable links. Many of which go nowhere.

And the links that do go somewhere don't do much of anything anyways. For instance, if you want to know where Rod Drobinski stands on the issues, click his link ...
... and what you will see are some (non-clickable) bullet points:
Bar none, is the best website your LakeCountyEye has seen (and probably will see) this election cycle.

Who is Rod Drobinski? What is Rod Drobinski running for? Which Party is Rod Drobinski with? Your LakeCountyEye has no idea. But that is one mighty & good-looking website.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep – Part 275

McHenry County Blog Print EditionSources in McHenry County have told your LakeCountyEye that Jack Franks is still running for State Representative.

The Northwest Herald has the details ...
State Rep. Jack Franks officially will file to withdraw from the 63rd Illinois House race in the next several weeks, Democratic officials said, starting a tight timetable in motion for the Democratic Party of McHenry County to appoint a replacement.
State Rep. Jack Franks set to withdraw from Illinois House race to make way for replacement
The McHenryCountyBlog will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

They're Not Booing They're Chanting Nugent

It's gonna be NUGE Do teen idols ever have senior moments? Paleo-Rocker and Lake County favorite son, Ted Nugent may have had one. In New England last week ...
A New Hampshire music festival was forced to shut down a day early due to paltry ticket sales and nearly non-existent attendance — but that didn't stop Ted Nugent from singing its praises. The psychedelic rocker raved about the audience at his LaconiaFest performance Friday, even though ticket prices to his show dropped from $67 to $5 amid the festival's financial struggles, according to the Laconia Daily Sun.
Ted Nugent gushes about 'sexy, skinny gals' at poorly attended festival that was forced to end early
On the heels of Nugent's boner, the City of Waukegan announced that its on-again-off-again music festival is on-again:
A new agreement will keep plans alive for a multi-day music festival on Waukegan's lakefront.
Waukegan approves updated agreement with Vet Fest
Plans to have Ted Nugent headline the summer festival were thwarted earlier this year by objections from community leaders.  Your LakeCountyEye has learned, however, that concert promoters would still like to book the controversial Nugent for the festival. One source explained it this way: "If we bring in Nugent, who's gonna know? Give me a break. It's not like anyone will attend the show."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Myanmarian Candidate

If Peter Roskam gets his way, it will be harder for scientists to track down dark money inside Washington DC than to find dark matter outside the Solar System. Roskam, Lake County's vestigial Congressman, sponsored a Bill that eliminates the requirement on non-profit organizations to identify their donors.

Critics warn the legislation would allow foreign governments to circumvent US election laws with laundered campaign donations:
"This misguided legislation could effectively open up a loophole allowing foreign money in elections through 501(c) groups, specifically 501(c)(4)s, that can engage in political activities," says the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group that seeks to make government and politics more accountable and transparent to all. The statement by the Sunlight Foundation goes on to say, "While foreign money is not allowed in U.S. elections, it can be deposited into these nonprofits — which can then spend that money in elections while keeping the identity of donors hidden. By removing the only way the government has of vetting these contributions, the bill would prevent the IRS from safeguarding U.S. elections from the influence of foreign companies and individuals."
U.S. House Passes Bill That Could Allow Foreign "Dark Money" to Influence American Politics
Roskam's Bill passed the Republican dominated Congress along Party lines.

Two weeks prior to voting for his Bill, Peter Roskam was seen in the Republic of Myanmar:

Peter Roskam and the Speaker of the Myanmar Parliament
May 31, 2016

Peter Roskam and General Min Aung Hlaing
May 31, 2016
Neither Angela Lansbury or the Queen of Diamonds were available for comment:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fact Check

The Chicago Tribune Creepy Cartoonist wants you to know how he feels about the Orlando shootings ...

Hate always loses
Just for the record, the Orlando gunman was not carrying hatchets ...
He was armed with a SIG SAUER MCX Rifle ...
... with a high capacity magazine:

Sunday, June 12, 2016

An Aquarian Agrarian

If the 10th Congressional District was a two-man bobsled race, they may need to pop open the rumble seat. Joe Kopsick hopes to file as an Independent candidate in the Tenth:

Independent Candidate Enters Race for U.S. House
Kopsick has a blog ...
A blog about libertarian politics and radical political theory, focusing on political philosophy and ideology, constitutional law, civil liberties, civil rights, labor laws, U.S.-Israeli foreign policy, anarchism, election statistics, and the relationship between religion and law.
The Aquarian Agrarian
According to the blog, Kopsick ...
describes his writing as "an attempt to apply poetic close-reading to legalese mumbo-jumbo, to free humanity from linguistic traps set by lawmakers and guarded by fancy-schmancy big-city lawyers, intent on stamping every document that comes across their desks with the dreaded seal of 'notary public' (not a republic)".
Nuff said!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paint Lake County Red

This story contains disturbing Freudian images ...

The Women's Republican Club in Lake County have invited you to meet their GOP candidates:
The Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff and Shields, West Deerfield, Moraine & Vernon GOP Township Organizations will host local GOP candidates and invite voters to Paint Lake County Republican Red!
Comptroller Munger, Other Candidates at Gorton in Lake Forest June 9th
The event is being billed as a night to ...
Paint Lake County Republican Red
A memorable catch-phrase, the Lake County GOP might be tempted to adopt Paint Lake County Red as their 2016 campaign slogan. If they did, however, they would be in for an unpleasant surprise. Those literal-minded Lake County voters -- like your LakeCountyEye -- do not know what Paint Lake County Red means!

In a situation like this, would a picture be in order?

Your LakeCountyEye has not been disappointed. The Lake County Women's Republican Club posted an artist's rendition that shows just exactly what it means to Paint Lake County Red:

Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff
The forum will be held in Lake Forest on June 9th. It is unknown if actual pneumonia-stricken circus elephants will be on-hand to aerate the room. In any event, Operatives who plan to attend are advised to wear their raincoats.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Anything You Say May Be Used Against You

If Holly Kim wants to get her message out, she should leak it to the press. Kim, a Mundelein Trustee, has organized a series of public workshops on Constitutional protections and the proper way to deal with law enforcement officials:
Some elected officials, however, feel a Mundelein seminar on Constitutional Rights takes too many liberties. Kim has said that she is acting as a private citizen, and not as a Mundelein Village Trustee. And that may be because other Village Trustees raised a stink -- and the Daily Herald caught wind:
"A local lawmaker who is on the board that oversees public safety is trying to educate and encourage how to go against our public safety officers," Trustee Ray Semple said. "I am stunned."
Mundelein trustee plans forums on protesting, dealing with police
Mundelein trustee's events to instruct public on protesting; fellow officials are puzzled
Trustee Dawn Abernathy said she'd rather see Kim host public discussions about starting businesses or promoting businesses using social media than the topics to be covered this summer. "I don't think she thought these events through," Abernathy said.
Mundelein trustee plans forums on protesting, dealing with police
Mundelein trustee's events to instruct public on protesting; fellow officials are puzzled
Mundelein Operatives would be well advised to organize an additional workshop:
Freedom of the Press:
Your Leak to the Right Ear
No questions asked!

Date & Location TBD
Your LakeCountyEye will be keeping an ear to the ground.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Semply Put

As truisms go, this one is older than flavored beer:
If you can't get arrested in Lake County,
You can't sue Lake County for wrongful arrest.
But for those not counting on it, some workshops are scheduled on encountering law enforcement and your Constitutional rights:


You can't defend your rights if you don't know them.

Know Your Rights:
At the door of your home
June 21, 6:30pm

Know Your Rights:
When you get pulled over
July 1, 6:30pm

Freedoms of Speech:
How to throw a successful protest
August 21, 2:00pm
Workshop host Holly Kim is a Village Trustee in Mundelein. Other Village Trustees are in high dudgeon:
But one of Kim's peers on the village board sees it differently. "A local lawmaker who is on the board that oversees public safety is trying to educate and encourage how to go against our public safety officers," Trustee Ray Semple said. "I am stunned."
Mundelein trustee plans forums on protesting, dealing with police
Mundelein trustee's events to instruct public on protesting; fellow officials are puzzled
Informed sources, however, tell your LakeCountyEye that not only are Constitutional protections and public safety compatible objectives -- but that public safety begins with an informed citizenry.

Semple, no doubt, was speaking metaphorically when he said he was stunned. But those who worry about ever being tased (in the literal sense) are advised to be cooperative with law enforcement -- and might benefit from attending Holly Kim's workshops.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Landlord & Tenant Rights Forum

Many cities in Chicagoland require government inspections of apartments and homes where renters live. Did you know you have a constitutional right to refuse these inspections without any penalty? Learn how you can refuse inspections, educate your neighbors, and report government abuses.

IL Landlords and Renters: Know Your Rights!
  • Monday
    June 6, 2016
  • American Legion Hall
    749 Milwaukee Ave
    Gurnee, IL
  • Free and open to the public
    Food provided
Sponsored by the Institute for Justice and the Lake County Property Investors Association.