Sunday, June 5, 2016

Semply Put

As truisms go, this one is older than flavored beer:
If you can't get arrested in Lake County,
You can't sue Lake County for wrongful arrest.
But for those not counting on it, some workshops are scheduled on encountering law enforcement and your Constitutional rights:


You can't defend your rights if you don't know them.

Know Your Rights:
At the door of your home
June 21, 6:30pm

Know Your Rights:
When you get pulled over
July 1, 6:30pm

Freedoms of Speech:
How to throw a successful protest
August 21, 2:00pm
Workshop host Holly Kim is a Village Trustee in Mundelein. Other Village Trustees are in high dudgeon:
But one of Kim's peers on the village board sees it differently. "A local lawmaker who is on the board that oversees public safety is trying to educate and encourage how to go against our public safety officers," Trustee Ray Semple said. "I am stunned."
Mundelein trustee plans forums on protesting, dealing with police
Mundelein trustee's events to instruct public on protesting; fellow officials are puzzled
Informed sources, however, tell your LakeCountyEye that not only are Constitutional protections and public safety compatible objectives -- but that public safety begins with an informed citizenry.

Semple, no doubt, was speaking metaphorically when he said he was stunned. But those who worry about ever being tased (in the literal sense) are advised to be cooperative with law enforcement -- and might benefit from attending Holly Kim's workshops.

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