Sunday, June 26, 2016

Drobinski, Rod Drobinski

If you collected a nickel for every crappy website that your LakeCountyEye has had to look over, you would have a big bag of nickels. But you'll have to give one of those nickels back -- because Rod Drobinski has a first-rate website:
Rod Drobinski for State Representative
Note to Ops: That expensive and time-consuming website intended to promote your candidate is going to be seen by only two sorts of people. Indolent reporters, and your opponents who are looking for oppo.

Which is why is a stand-out contribution to the genre. The website is loaded with warm'n'fuzzy images of the candidate and little content to speak of ...
One telling feature of is that there are very few clickable links. Many of which go nowhere.

And the links that do go somewhere don't do much of anything anyways. For instance, if you want to know where Rod Drobinski stands on the issues, click his link ...
... and what you will see are some (non-clickable) bullet points:
Bar none, is the best website your LakeCountyEye has seen (and probably will see) this election cycle.

Who is Rod Drobinski? What is Rod Drobinski running for? Which Party is Rod Drobinski with? Your LakeCountyEye has no idea. But that is one mighty & good-looking website.

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