Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Brown v Board of Stagnation

An actual unretouched screencap from Lake County's 1# fakenews source, the Lake County Gazette:

To find out why everything is stagnating, your LakeCountyEye contacted the Russian Troll Farm that provides all the content for the Lake County Gazette. They said: "We dispatched a busload of critical race theory teachers to Deerfield, through Long Grove. We don't know what happened to them."
That's all your LakeCountyEye has. Go critical.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Revelator

An actual unretouched screencap from the Facebook page of an actual Lake County Congressional candidate:
What's THE REVELATOR? Nobody knows. And don't try asking Joe Severino. Nobody knows who he is.

Your LakeCountyEye did ask some experts at the Labor Dept. and got ten leads:
10 Occupations for The Revelator
  1. Revlon Products Door to Door Salesman

  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger Stunt Double

  3. Former Congressman Joe Walsh Stunt Double

  4. Long Grove Bridge Traffic Cop

  5. Golden Escalator Repairman

  6. Croupier: Waukegan Casino

  7. Russian Troll Farm

  8. Boat Sticker Inspector (Third Lake)

  9. The Butter Cow

  10. Comic Book Guy
Look for your LakeCountyEye in the Book of Revelations near you.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Party of Fiscal Responsibility

Hasta La Vista Baby
Note to Ops, we have a winner. This week's Joe Walsh Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Lake County GOP Congressional Candidate Joe Severino:
Businessman Joe Severino contends he had to file to protect his interests and that he is the victim of a bad court ruling and bad lawyering. But with claimants against him including the Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of Revenue, the action will not be helpful to him
Bankruptcy filing emerges in North Shore congressional race
A GOP spokesman said: "(Former Lake County Congressman) Joe Walsh left behind some big shoes to fill. Even one of those shoes would be hard to fill. We are confidant that our Congressional candidate will step in it."

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Bad Things Come in Third Lake

For adults only.
Did you know that Clarke Mosquito is in the business of also killing aquatic plants?

The residents of Third Lake ought to know, if they don't:
On Friday June 24th Clarke will be treating both Third Lake and Druce Lake for invasive weeds. They will be applying the application within the outlined treatment zones which can be found here.
Yellow Flag – Lakes being treated for invasive weeds
Do you want Clarke dispensing herbicides in your lake? Not if you believe the report from an expert at the last Third Lake Village meeting:
"Let me start with what we are doing to our lake is not making any logical sense, and appears to actually be detrimental to the health of the lake and it's inhabitants. The proposed treatments are being done far to late in the season, using a general photosynthesis inhibiting herbicide that kills anything it comes in contact with."
"This is going to kill most of the vegetation in the lake. That alone should be enough to give us reason to pause this treatment, however there are a few other questions based on information from Clarke that just does not make any sense."
"By doing what is proposed we will kill the majority of the aquatic vegetation in the lake, which will cause oxygen depletion and that will kill fish."
"They did something similar in Silver Lake MN when they did exactly what is being proposed here in treating both the curley leaf and milfoil at the same time. It suffered a major decline in water quality and native plant diversity. It took years to recover."
"Basically, we stand at a point where we are going to do more harm than good by moving forward with the proposed treatments based on the results from similar efforts elsewhere. This combined with the illogical answers and information provided by our selected vendor leads me to believe that it is unwise both financially and as a steward of the lake to allow this treatment at this time."
"I ask you to not make the mistake of allowing the inappropriate treatment that is going to kill our lake at this time."

Village of Third Lake / Jun 20 2022 Minutes
After Clarke does a job of dispensing herbicides into Third Lake, what's next? Clarke will be dispensing insecticides in the Village of Third Lake:
Clarke will be performing the second Village wide adult mosquito control application this evening, July 21, 2022
Mosquito Spraying Tonight 7/21/22
Note to Ops: If you are visiting Third Lake, don't drink the water. Or breathe the air.