Thursday, December 29, 2022

Year-End Blooper Reel

Note to Ops: Being omniscient is a mixed blessing. You remember with crystal clarity all of your mistakes.

These are your LakeCountyEye's 10 boo-boos from 2022:

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Missing bison resurfaces in Hawthorn Woods: owners warn public not to go out without shoes
What the news media reported:
Missing bison resurfaces in Hawthorn Woods: owners warn public not to track, chase

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Canadian National plan to reduce train delays in Lake County plus $5.00 gets you a cup of coffee
What the news media reported:
Canadian National plan to reduce train delays in Lake County gets support from board

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
The Lake Villa GOP was supposed to raffle off five guns, including an AR-15 rifle. But an accidental shooting in a foot led to the event’s postponement.
What the news media reported:
The Lake Villa GOP was supposed to raffle off five guns, including an AR-15 rifle. But mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde led to the event’s postponement.

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Long Grove’s historic covered bridge has not been hit since 2020. ‘I cannot believe that people still avoid crossing that bridge.’
What the news media reported:
Long Grove’s historic covered bridge has now been hit 35 times since 2020. 'I cannot believe that people still attempt to cross that bridge.'

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Amen Bro! Mark Curran on Trump, election fraud and J6
What the news media reported:
Oppo dump! Mark Curran on Trump, "election fraud" and J6

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Lake County Board member does not call League of Women Voters' members 'hags'
What the news media reported:
Lake County Board member to apologize for calling League of Women Voters' members 'hags'

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Senate GOP Leader McConchie confident he will win re-election in a landslide
What the news media reported:
Senate GOP Leader McConchie decries "rigged system"

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Another in the many Uihlein grand slams
What the news media reported:
Another in the many Uihlein losses

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
As if someone gave a rat's ass, petition filing for school board and most municipal races begins Monday
What the news media reported:
Petition filing for school board and most municipal races begins Monday

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Route 53 task force asks "Is this still a thing?"
What the news media reported:
Route 53 task force gives green light to greenway as IDOT demurs

What your LakeCountyEye predicted:
Predicted Republican 'red wave' creates a Tidy-Bowl maelstrom in Lake County
What the news media reported:
Top Stories of 2022: Predicted Republican 'red wave' creates barely a ripple in Lake County

Eleven, but who's counting?

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Take the Holiday Challenge

politics ain't beanbag
That one special day of the year that everyone is waiting for has nearly arrived. After months of painstaking preparations, holiday merrymakers everywhere are ready to celebrate boxing day -- when you can return all of the stupid stuff that Santa left under the tree for something good.

HaHa, j/k.

Of course, your LakeCountyEye is not referring to boxing day. No, your LakeCountyEye obviously refers to the final day for objections to be filed against candidates for 2023 election.

Normally that day would fall on Dec 26, erm, boxing day.

But since everyone was extra good this year, the deadline has been extended to Dec 28 for many school board contests:
The deadline to file objections to candidate filings for local school boards and the regional board of schools trustee positions has been extended to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 28.
Candidate objection deadline in Lake County extended
A holiday tip from Old St Nick: Take the list and check it twice. Is someone on that list naughty?  Then by all means, load up your sleigh and fly that ballot objection straight down the chimney.  Ho Ho Ho!

Monday, December 19, 2022

Happy Birthday

A Trump digital trading card is only $99 -- the perfect gift.
Join your LakeCountyEye in sending a birthday shoutout to a fellow you may not have met, but whose name everyone in Lake County will recognize.

A political boss by any definition of the word, this go-getter rose to the highest echelons of his Party -- only to preside over the decay of that same once all-powerful Party and its eventual sad demise.

Your LakeCountyEye of course refers to General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev. (Dec 19 1906 – Nov 10 1982)

Fun fact: Brezhnev liked to drive fast sports cars, often to the disregard for public safety.

If Brezhnev were alive today he would be 116 years young.

Happy Birthday Leonid!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Watertowery McWatertowerface

Truth, they say, is stranger than the Lake County Gazette:
Name ideas are being accepted through Friday for a new water tower to be built by Lake County's public works department at 18534 W. Old Gages Lake Road near Grayslake.
Help name Lake County's new water tower
Your LakeCountyEye votes for:
God's Golf Ball

That's all your LakeCountyEye has. Drink a cup of kindness.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Trigger Warning

An actual unretouched screencap of a drawing executed by the Chicago Tribune Creepy Cartoonist™ ...
What could that possibly be? No one knows.

One thing is known: The Tribune's Creepy Cartoonist™ -- aka the Hieronymus Bosch vis-à-vis the Land of Lincoln -- excels at putting nightmare images down on paper:
A seasonal note: Your LakeCountyEye will be in trauma therapy over the balance of the year.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Your pop quiz today is an analogy question taken from an SAT exam:

A) Moms for Liberty : Your Local Public School
The correct answer is (A).

HaHa, Moms for Liberty is a fake grassroots organization that is funded with MAGA dark-money and operates out of Florida. Their mission is to infiltrate your community and blow up your public schools:
The Right-Wing Mothers Fuelling the School-Board Wars
They operate by establishing a beachhead in your community with a local chapter:
School board elections are next year and the petition period is now. Moms for Liberty could be in your community at this very moment, plotting to take over your school board -- and you wouldn't know it before it was too late.
TICK ...
TICK ...
TICK ...
TICK ...

Friday, December 2, 2022

It's All About the Cheddar

On, Wisconsin. On, Wisconsin. Plunge right through that line.
The Lake County election has been certified, and the numbers are clear: more people have crashed into the Long Grove bridge than voted for the Republican Party:
In Lake County, Democrats won every competitive countywide race and secured 14 of the 19 county board seats up for election.
In the suburban counties, the blue wave spread further
What up with that GOP -- the Party that once owned Lake County's political terrain? A few Party officials blame Darren Bailey. They say the voters were not ready for some farmer riding in on his turnip truck from McHenry Clay County.

But the Republican Party produced some high-quality candidates who lost as well. Like Congressional Candidate Kash Jackson Max Rice -- he reaped a mere 28% of the vote, which is not significantly better than the rounding error. And Supreme Court candidate Mark Curran who, despite being Lake County favorite son Mark Curran, couldn't top 39% in Lake County.

If anyone is to blame that would be Lake County moneybags Richard Uihlein. Whilst being from Lake County and whilst riding in on the moneybags truck, Uihlein chose to send his campaign donations elsewhere:
The Uihleins live in Illinois and have focused much of their giving in Wisconsin.
Inside the Billionaire-Backed 'Hub for Election Denial'
One knowledgeable political scientist offered a theory to explain it all: "It's nothing personal. Only business."

Sunday, November 27, 2022


Keep your government hands off my public school.
They're making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty or nice.

Would that "they" perhaps be Santa and his eight tiny reindeer? Nope, your LakeCountyEye refers to Moms For Liberty.

Moms For Liberty -- aka MFL -- is a "grassroots" movement that happens to be a 501(c)(4) headquartered in Florida and funded by dark money. Their mission is to get control of your school board.

MFL will parachute into your community, then hijack the school board meetings by airing grievances about ...
  • critical race theory
  • vaccine and mask mandates
  • study topics that include gender, race, identity, sex, discrimination
  • a science-based curricula
Then they will recruit and run candidates for your school board. And before you know it you will be looking at your property tax bill and wondering what happened to that world-class school that you moved into your community for.

Note to Ops: You better watch out.  They're coming to town.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

stuffing ... the ballot box
It's the last week of November, and everyone knows that means one thing: Tis the Season

The 2023 Election Season is nigh upon the land, this being the first week to file your nominating petitions. The Season runs through December, when you can file your objections to the candidates; and all the way to the end of the year, til when the ballot is certified.

This is a tradition with roots that reach back to the Pilgrims. Your municipal elections are a unique expression of local democracy in its purest form.

Note to Ops: Most of these contests are non-partisan, so please try to be civil. This ain't Thanksgiving dinner!

Friday, November 18, 2022

Thanksgiving in November

It has come to your LakeCountyEye's attention that there will be a Thanksgiving holiday on November 24, from Nov 24 to Nov 25, and all day.

See for yourself.  An actual unretouched screencap from Lake County's #1 fakenews source, the Lake County Gazette:
This breaking news came from a press release. Does that mean it is true? One media watchdog observed: "If the Lake County Gazette says your mother loves you, check it out."

Note to Ops: Consider going to school or work next Thursday. Better to be safe than sorry.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Loss Leader

Entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie's tenure may be coming to an end:
Sen. John Curran has rounded up more than enough votes to depose current Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie.
Veterans Day updates: McCombie, Curran likely in; Butler out; SAFE-T Act talks continue
It goes without saying that the job of the Senate Minority Leader is to funnel Springfield dollars back into his home district. For roads and bridges, for instance.  And if Dan McConchie is bounced from the Senate leadership how is Long Grove going to pay for all the repairs to the covered bridge?

On the other hand, as things stand, Lake County only gets back 53 cents for every dollar sent to Springfield:
One Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Vote for us. We are the Party of limited government."

That's all your LakeCountyEye has. Get off the dime.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Rig is Up

If God weren't irony deficient, then lame duck Lake County Clerk Robin O'Connor would have lost the election because the Clerk's office miscounted her votes. But no, the sad truth is that most Lake County GOP candidates lost because ... wait for it ... the election was rigged.

HaHa, Dan McConchie says the election system is rigged:
the Democrats' rigged system, which created some of the most gerrymandered districts we've ever seen
Senate GOP Leader McConchie decries "rigged system"
One of those "gerrymandered" districts is Dan McConchie's own Senate District 26. It goes without saying that a district packed full of Republicans, as District 26 supposedly is, is designed to be an easy win for any Republican candidate. And it would be an easy win especially for an entrenched incumbent like Dan McConchie, wouldn't it?

But no, out of some 85,000 votes cast, McConchie currently has a slim 2% lead. His opponent, a stay-at-home mom, is not conceding until all of the mail-in ballots are counted.

A Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Fraud at the post office!"

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Sunday, November 6, 2022


“Sorry, we’re not ready yet.”
An actual unretouched headline from an actual Lake County news outlet:
Lake County's new $1.65 million vote-counting system to debut Tuesday night
A new voting system and equipment will go on-line in Lake County on November 8, just in time for the big election.

What could possibly go wrong?

HaHa, trick question.

A Lake County GOP spokesman said: "There is nothing to worry about. We are confident Robin O'Connor will give 110% toward counting the votes."

Note to Ops: The election is next Tuesday and you are encouraged to vote. You'll never know for certain when the next opportunity will occur.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Home Bodies

nudge nudge wink wink say no more
Ladies, are you a stay-at-home mom? If so, the Lake County GOP wants you -- to stay at home.

That would seem to be the attitude expressed by Michael Danforth, a GOP member of the Lake County Board. Speaking of his election opponent, Danforth says she ...
"admitted she's basically a stay-at-home mom, and she doesn't have anything better to do than go knock on doors, I guess."
Danforth faces challenge from Timm for District 17 Lake County Board seat
Danforth, if anyone, should know. Michael Danforth has a license to import firearms, and with all those foreign weapons in circulation, all you moms would be well-advised to stay at home.

But don't take just Michael Danforth's word on it. Lake County GOP entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie is a former Washington DC anti-abortion lobbyist. And if the anti-abortion lobby had it's way, all women would be staying at home. Where they wouldn't be able to get abortions.

One Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Of course you gals are allowed out of the house on election day. Vote for the GOP, we're the Party of family values!"

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Tragic Bullet

mug shot
This week's McHenry County man to shoot himself in the foot failed to shoot himself in the foot. In fact he was a Pakistani man. And he shot someone else in the foot:
A gunman opened fire Thursday at a campaign truck carrying Pakistan's former Prime Minister Imran Khan, wounding him slightly in the leg
Officials: Pakistan's ex-PM Imran Khan wounded in gun attack
Coincidentally if you need ammunition from India or Pakistan or wherever, then contact Michael Danforth. Danforth has an ATF license to import firearms and told the News-Sun that ...
I work for clients that say, I need to get ammunition from India, or Pakistan, or wherever it may be coming from, legally and lawfully through the ATF.
Danforth faces challenge from Timm for District 17 Lake County Board seat
It is unknown how many, if any, of Michael Danforth's clients have shot themselves in the foot.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Scrutiny on the Bounty

Bond, Bail Bond
Question of the Day: What do Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dan McConchie have in common?

Answer: If you said a mullet and some cool shades you would be incorrect. The correct answer is both men oppose the SAFE-T Act.

HaHa, the SAFE-T Act will eliminate cash bail in Illinois. And Lake County entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie is not amused:
McConchie, the Republican leader in the state senate, said the legislation makes Illinois less safe. "It ties the hands of judges who are working to try to keep us safe" and keep the most dangerous people in jail, the Hawthorn Woods resident said.
SAFE-T Act coverage roundup
It goes without saying that some of those most dangerous people are women who have abortions, along with their doctors -- they would be sent to jail if the anti-abortion lobby has its way.

A little known fact, Dan McConchie is a former anti-abortion lobbyist who drew a salary from the Washington DC anti-abortion lobby Americans United for Life.

One Lake County GOP spokesman said: "We need Dan McConchie to repeal the SAFE-T Act now. We can't have all these ladies being released from prison and free to have more abortions."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Monday, October 31, 2022

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

As it so happens, the two scariest days of 2022 are a week apart: Halloween and the Mid-Term General Election.

Also coincidentally, the prize for the scariest costume goes to Dan McConchie, a former anti-abortion lobbyist. He drew a salary from a national organization that wants to see abortion criminalized, and women who obtain abortions and their doctors go to jail.

Dan McConchie, this year, posed as a Moderate Republican:
Now that's scary!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Random Numbers

Actual unretouched screencaps from an actual unretouched GOP lit-drop in Lake County:

Your LakeCountyEye checked and 80, 83 and 93 are not the Powerball jackpot winning numbers.

No, it would seen that this Republican Precinct Committeeman and/or Committeeperson has got three precinct numbers: 80, 83 and 91! What up with that?

Perhaps Lake County Clerk Robin O'Connor was overcome by another "technical glitch" when handing out precinct numbers? Or is this merely the sort of disinformation like what you see in the Lake County Gazette, and coming out of Russian troll farms?

One Lake County Republican spokesman had this to say about the matter: "Look at those inflation numbers.  Vote for us."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Mail Fraud

Please Mister Postman, look and see, is there a letter, a letter for me?
Despite being the Lake County Clerk, Robin O'Connor is advised to not expect a vote-by-mail ballot from Liz Uihlein. And despite having joined the Republican Party, O'Connor is advised to not expect a campaign donation in the mail from Liz Uihlein, either.

Mrs Lake County moneybags, Liz Uihlein, does not like how Robin O'Connor is running the 2022 election:
per our local County Clerk's notice, the voter must request to be removed from the Vote by Mail program, unless the clerk receives confirmation the voter registered to vote in another county. There is no indication that if a voter moves out of state and fails to provide notice, the address on file will stop receiving a ballot. Lastly, missing from our local County Clerk's notice, there is no indication of automatic removal for deceased voters. How and when would a deceased voter be removed from receiving automatic ballots?
Liz Uihlein returns to writing letters to legislators
Strong words indeed.  Are they accusations of willful malfeasance or merely of systemic incompetence? One Lake County Republican spokesman said: "We are on record saying that the 2022 election will be remembered as one of the most rigged elections of all time."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Shorts Circuit Court

The Illinois Constitution says anyone can run to be a Supreme Court Justice, no experience necessary. Which makes the job perfect for Mark Curran.

HaHa, Lake County favorite son Mark Curran wants to be your Supreme Court Justice -- in spite of his medieval views concerning women's rights:
Abortion rights at the forefront of Supreme Court race
Lake County Republicans say they would prefer to focus on issues other than a woman's reproductive health. They make a good point:

Mark Curran - Tea Party Rally Libertyville
Clearly, the real issue is, if elected to the Supreme Court, what would Mark Curran wear under the black robes?
That's all your LakeCountyEye has. Ain't that a kick in the pants.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Because That's Where the Money Is

Note to Ops: Do you keep a specialized container for your pecans and cashews? If so you are in luck. That is because Lake County moneybags Dick Uihlein is giving away his money to the nut cases:
Lake Forest megadonors Dick Uihlein and his wife Liz have directly contributed more than $6.4 million this election cycle to help pack Congress with Republicans who either cast doubt on the legitimacy of the last presidential election or voted against certifying the results
Dollars to doubters? Megadonor Uihlein kicks in millions to help elect Republicans who question election results
Can that be why Robin O'Connor joined the Republican Party?
Two current Lake County elected officials are hopeful voters won't mind them switching parties next month. Lake County Clerk Robin O'Connor -- elected in 2018 as a Democrat -- is seeking her next term as a Republican.
Lake County clerk, superintendent switch parties for election
The County Clerk is the person who counts the votes and a donation from Dick Uihlein ain't peanuts!
Note to Ops: Counting votes is like counting dollars. It's more fun if they're yours.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Dead Trees Gazette

Absolutely, the Lake County Gazette may be Lake County's #1 fakenews source. But did you know that the Lake County Gazette is now being home-delivered direct to you front-door? If you thought the Lake County Gazette was just some virtual misinformation outlet available only online, well think again. The Lake County Gazette also comes in a physical hardcopy edition, sent right to your home.

Don't believe it? Then take a look at this actual unretouched mobile photo of the Lake County Gazette print edition, exactly as it was delivered on your LakeCountyEye's driveway:

For the record, the Lake County Gazette claims to be Lake County's phony news source. But nobody's fooling your LakeCountyEye.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Party Guy

go nuts
Question of the Day:
What is the difference between Joe Walsh, Kash Jackson and Mark Curran?

Who are those guys?

HaHa. The name of another Lake County GOP candidate that you don't need to remember because you'll be forgetting it anyways, is Max Rice.

Max Rice is a GOP candidate for Congress and was invited to a League of Women Voters forum. Whereupon he did a bunch of juvenile stuff in front of other people. Read about it in the Daily Herald:
Congressional candidate says he'll leave GOP if elected, then pulls online prank
When asked for a comment, a Lake County GOP spokesman said: "We're the law'n'order party. Vote for us."

To his credit, Max Rice did not call the League of Women Voters hags.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Litter Bugs

bake from scratch
Word on the street: Do not ask Catalina Lauf if you can call her "Kitty".

Catalina Lauf thinks the schools are letting the kids go in kitty litter boxes:
Even though the claim has been debunked as a hoax, Republican congressional candidate Catalina Lauf is standing by a recent tweet in which she said some schools provide litter boxes for students who like pretending they're anthropomorphic animals.
Republican congressional candidate Lauf stands by debunked claim about schools and litter boxes
Who is Catalina Lauf? Nobody knows. A Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Do you need a backstop for firearms practice? Try a couple sacks of kitty litter."

Note to Ops: Send those scoops to your LakeCountyEye.

Friday, October 7, 2022

A Passage of Arms Legislation

The high-falutin'est, Fastest shootin'est, Cowboy you ever saw.
Question of the day: Who is the fastest gun in the western part of Lake County?

Answer: Not County Board member Michael Danforth.

Granted, Danforth has an ATF license to import firearms. And in June Danforth imported, from India, 12,288 ammunition boxes of shell casings. But when it comes to an assault weapons ban, Michael Danforth thinks Lake County should go slow.

In discussion about a resolution that would advocate an assault weapons ban in Lake County, Danforth said:
"There's no reason to rush this," he said.
Lake County Board votes to add advocacy for assault weapons ban to its legislative program
Michael Danforth ultimately voted against the resolution.

Would an assault weapons ban be bad for business in Lake County? A Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Absolutely. We would be forced to hold our gun raffles in Wisconsin."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Shell Shocks

The World of Warcraft
Once upon a time in Lake County, if you found a shell you could hold it up to your ear and listen for the ocean. Nowadays you would dust that shell for prints:
Buffalo Grove police responding to a report of shots fired late Friday near the Town Center shopping center found about three dozen spent shell casings in and around a parking lot and a car with bullet holes in it outside the Bowlero bowling alley.
Police recover 36 shell casings after shooting outside Buffalo Grove shopping center
Where did all of those shells come from? One Lake County Board member, Michael Danforth, might know. As readers of this blog are aware ...
Ammunition Dump
Michael Danforth has an ATF license to import firearms. He recently imported, from India, 12,288 ammunition boxes of shell casings. What are the chances of all that happening?

Note to Ops: If you had some shell casings stolen, the Buffalo Grove police might be able to help you.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Vote Early and Vote Never

No Less No More
There's an old saying in Lake County: If you can't stop them from voting for the other side then stop them from voting.

HaHa, County Clerk Robin O'Connor hasn't been a MAGA Republican for even 8 months and she is already suppressing the vote in Lake County:
Early voting started late in Lake County Thursday because technology issues got in the way of voting machines operating properly.
Lake County’s early voting gets off to late start; ‘Sorry, we’re not ready yet’
Voters were turned away from the early voting booths in Waukegan on Thursday because of a "software issue". Of course in situations such as these, computers are like dogs. They can't talk back when you say they ate the homework.

Is this the first phase of a Republican strategy to stop the vote in Lake County? A Lake County GOP spokesman dismissed the idea and was quick to defend Robin O'Connor: "We refuse to attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

War On Women

The Chicago Tribune Creepy Cartoonist™ may need to up his game. The Tribune has been publishing submissions from the Creepy Cartoonist's Evil Twin™:
Sharpeyed Operatives will observe that someone hacked into the Tribune computers and photoshopped a different caption:
Your LakeCountyEye restored the correct caption:
Change your passwords, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Hag Fan

Question of the Day:
What is the difference between GOP Lake County Commissioner Michael A Danforth and GOP Lake County Commissioner Dick Barr?

Michael A Danforth has an ATF license to import firearms. But while Dick Barr does not have a license to import firearms this has not stopped Barr from shooting his mouth off.

This is an actual unretouched screencap from Dick Barr's Facebook page:
Stop giving these hags more power than their paper thin virtue signaling commands.
That is how Dick Barr characterized members of the League of Women Voters.

It is not known how Barr characterizes members of the Democratic Women's Caucus.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Concealed Weapons

Question of the day: How many Lake County Commissioners are gun importers?

Answer: At least one.

Bonus Question: How many of those are Michael A Danforth?

Bonus Answer: No fewer than one.

Lake County Commissioner Michael A Danforth (District 17) has an ATF license to import firearms:
Look for the details in Michael Danforth's bio on the Lake County Board website:
HaHa, J/K.

His bio page says nothing about Danforth's ATF license. The bio says that Danforth is on the Trinity Oaks Christian Academy Board of Trustees. And it says he served as a member of the DeKalb County Board. But does his CV say anywhere that Michael Danforth is an ATF licensed Importer of firearms or ammunition for firearms other than destructive devices or ammunition other than armor piercing ammunition?

Nope. Good luck finding that anywhere.

Lake County Commissioner Michael Danforth, apparently, is reluctant to mix business with politics.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ammunition Dump

Question of the day: How does your LakeCountyEye spend recreation time?

Answer: Monitoring overseas arms shipments into Lake County, of course.

Your LakeCountyEye found this US Customs bill. The fine print says 8 shipping containers were brought into the U.S. Each contained 1536 "H2A METAL BOXES", with each box containing "CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS INERT PROJECTILE". These were imported into the U.S. on June 3 of this year:
The cargo was shipped from India.

The cargo was shipped to this consignee address:
  • Strategic Defense Imports
  • U.S.A.
County records indicate the the address belongs to Michael A Danforth:
County records indicate that Michael A Danforth is a Lake County County Board Commissioner (District 17):
Board member Danforth represents the 17th District, which includes Island Lake, Lake Barrington, Port Barrington, North Barrington, Barrington Hills, Tower Lakes, Fox River Grove, and portions of Wauconda and Hawthorn Woods. He has been on the board since February 2017, and is currently a member of the Ethics & Oversight, Law & Judicial, and Legislative committees. His main priorities on the board are property tax reform, fiscal accountability, safety and security for our communities
Michael Danforth (District 17)
Note to canvassers: Before you go knocking on the door of Michael A Danforth, put out those cigarettes!

Friday, September 23, 2022

Hugh Blewitt

There is no truth to the rumor that Hugh G. Rection is the wrestling coach in Woodstock.

But if you believe the Lake County Gazette, Hugh G. Rection does teach Critical Race Theory:
The Lake County Gazette (Lake County's #1 fakenews source) is the brainchild of right-wing shock-jock Dan Proft. Proft gets money from Lake County moneybags Richard Uihlein. (Uihlein founded and is CEO of the ULINE shipping supply company):
Proft heads the People Who Play By the Rules political action committee, an independent expenditure fund that is primarily funded by millions of dollars from wealthy conservative megadonor Richard Uihlein
Gov. J.B. Pritzker says racism behind political mailings disguised as newspapers that attack new criminal justice laws
In related news, a variety of finger cots are available from the ULINE catalog:
One size fits all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Choke the Pullet Surprise

An actual unretouched screencap from the Lake County Gazette, Lake County's #1 fakenews source:
It is a well known fact that the content you see on the Lake County Gazette is provided by Russian Troll Farms. It would seem, however, that the aforementioned Troll Farms are not even trying anymore.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Mosquito-Insecticide Complex

Smoke'em if you got'em, soldier.
In his farewell speech, President Eisenhower famously warned against a toxic relationship holding a vice-grip on industry and government:
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the mosquito-insecticide complex.
Eisenhower's farewell address
The toxic relationship, known as the Mosquito-Insecticide Complex, binds the interests of government offices with insecticide manufacturers and dispensers.

And 60 years later, the Mosquito-Insecticide Complex is as toxic as ever in Lake County.

The Southlake Mosquito Abatement District is a taxing body in Lake County with a Board of Trustees and no employees. All tax dollars collected are given to Clarke Mosquito, a private extermination company.

Attempts to dissolve the Southlake Mosquito Abatement District so far have failed:
“We do not want our mosquito abatement district to be disbanded like the Lake Bluff one was,” Southlake Mosquito Abatement District Board President Barbara Struthers said.
Southlake Mosquito Abatement District Board members take issue with proposed appointee
Make no mistake, the Mosquito-Insecticide Complex is a force to be reckoned with in Lake County..

Note to Ops: You know the drill. If you hear the little buzzers swarming up and down your streets, hurry inside and shut the windows. The mosquito insecticide trucks are spraying your neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Dump and Jump

One advantage to building a ski hill on top of a garbage dump is you don't have far to go when you need to throw away smashed skis and used medical supplies.

The Village of Round Lake wants to build a ski jump on top of a dump landfill clean fill dirt:
Residents and others concerned with a request to annex 94 acres for a fill site that would create a year-round ski hill in Round Lake have stepped up efforts to make their case and voice concerns. Yard signs have been posted and a website,, created to accompany a Facebook page involving the proposal targeted for land north and west of Townline and Fairfield roads.
Proposed Round Lake ski hill's opponents call it a 'dump,' but mayor says 'it's not a landfill'
This raises some obvious questions:

Why would a Village contract with a company currently embroiled in a breach-of-contract suit with a neighboring Village?
Appellate court reverses $5.3 million judgment against Hawthorn Woods
And why would a Village want to award that company with a project that could easily do significant harm to the environment?
Opponents are questioning the track record of the would-be fill site operator and what they say are a lack of specifics for the proposal to create a 200-foot ski hill using a synthetic snow substitute.
Proposed Round Lake ski hill's opponents call it a 'dump,' but mayor says 'it's not a landfill'
Did a former Round Lake mayor sell the land to that company back in 2019, for $200,000?
Note to Ops: It's good to be Mayor.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

A Million Here a Million There, Soon You're Talking Real Money

There is no truth to the rumor that Richard Uihlein gave $2,100,000 to Daniel McConchie so that McConchie could buy up all of the wire hangers from the ULINE catalog so to prevent women who live in red states where abortion has been outlawed from obtaining illegal abortions.

No, but it is true that Lake County moneybags Richard Uihlein did give State Senator and former anti-abortion lobbyist Daniel McConchie the $2,100,000:

As readers of this blog are aware ...
Wire the Money
your LakeCountyEye had been making fun of Uihlein for giving still another $277,137 to former anti-abortion lobbyist Dan McConchie. And suggesting that former anti-abortion lobbyist Daniel McConchie could use the money to buy office supplies from the ULINE catalog. For instance, wire hangers.

Long story short, rumor has it that former anti-abortion lobbyist Dan McConchie went to Richard Uihlein and said look at the mean things your LakeCountyEye is saying about me. And Uihlein said, OK here's another $2.1 million.

If the rumor it true your LakeCountyEye expects a spotter's fee. The customary rate is 15 percent.

Note to Ops: Gentlemen tip a minimum 20 percent.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Quotations from IL Senate Leader McConchie

Is former anti-abortion lobbyist Daniel McConchie your State Senator? Did you know that former anti-abortion lobbyist Daniel McConchie is a former anti-abortion lobbyist?

Your LakeCountyEye does, and dug up some citations from back when McConchie was a paid anti-abortion lobbyist for Americans United for Life (AUL)!

It's been 40 years since the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, but Daniel McConchie isn’t giving up hope of overturning that decision.
Sioux City Journal on AUL’s McConchie at Iowa Pro-Life Rally

Dan McConchie, vice president of public affairs for Washington-based Americans United for Life, was the keynote speaker. He cautioned there is "no one silver bullet" that will suddenly prohibit legalized abortion. But he urged abortion foes to bring pressure upon legislators to force votes on initiatives aimed at chipping away at legal abortion, suggesting it offers the best path towards success.
McConchie in the Des Moines Register at the Iowa Rally for Life

Missouri officials tweet about AUL and Dr. Charmaine Yoest

AUL's Vice President of Government Affairs Daniel McConchie recently published an op-ed in The Daily Caller on how the Democratic Party's abortion mantra is out of step with a majority of Americans
AUL’s Daniel McConchie on Abortion and the Democratic Party

Dan McConchie wrote a piece for The Washington Times:
For pro-life Americans, the victories are numerous, and despite the November election, the outlook is bright. In 2010, we saw more than 20 state legislative chambers flip control and become more receptive to pro-life legislation. Additionally, 19 pro-life governors were elected, 11 of whom won seats previously held by abortion supporters. All four pro-life female gubernatorial candidates won their races and outnumber pro-abortion female governors 2-1. Those electoral successes led to huge gains in new pro-life laws. In 2011, more than 500 new pro-life bills were introduced across the country, and more than 90 of them became law — a 50 percent increase over previous years.

Washington Times on Pro-Life Victories in 2012

Note to Ops: Those were the days.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The McConchie Memory Hole

Did you know that Dan McConchie was an anti-abortion lobbyist?

Nobody knows. And that's no accident.

Dan McConchie has a campaign website.  The website has an about page:
But that about page says nothing about McConchie having been a paid anti-abortion lobbyist.

McConchie's IL Senate website has a biography page, one that does say:
He spent 20 years working in public affairs for national advocacy groups
What it does not say is that the advocacy group is Americans United for Life an anti-abortion law firm and lobby based in Washington, D.C.  And that McConchie was a Vice-President there.

McConchie even has a Wikipedia page:
The Wiki page lists McConchie's positions on:
  • Pension reform
  • Budget and taxes
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Redistricting and term limits
What is Dan McConchie's position on abortion? Nobody knows.

Does anyone know who said ... ?
He who controls the past controls the future.