Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Rig is Up

If God weren't irony deficient, then lame duck Lake County Clerk Robin O'Connor would have lost the election because the Clerk's office miscounted her votes. But no, the sad truth is that most Lake County GOP candidates lost because ... wait for it ... the election was rigged.

HaHa, Dan McConchie says the election system is rigged:
the Democrats' rigged system, which created some of the most gerrymandered districts we've ever seen
Senate GOP Leader McConchie decries "rigged system"
One of those "gerrymandered" districts is Dan McConchie's own Senate District 26. It goes without saying that a district packed full of Republicans, as District 26 supposedly is, is designed to be an easy win for any Republican candidate. And it would be an easy win especially for an entrenched incumbent like Dan McConchie, wouldn't it?

But no, out of some 85,000 votes cast, McConchie currently has a slim 2% lead. His opponent, a stay-at-home mom, is not conceding until all of the mail-in ballots are counted.

A Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Fraud at the post office!"

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

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Anonymous said...

These self proclaimed Republicans perpetually cry steal when there is no evidence to the accusation and perpetually turn a blind eye when there is chronic evidence of it here in Lake County. When I say chronic, I mean for almost 3 years now in the unincorporated Druce Lake and unincorporated Third Lake neighborhoods. Where is that outcry from the steal stoppers?