Saturday, September 18, 2021

Unclear on the Concept

Dan McConchie, no friend to labor, may be experiencing the effects of the labor shortage firsthand.

A employee on entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie's State Senate staff recently was cited on the Internet:
Whitney Barnes, a spokeswoman for Sen. Dan McConchie, R-Hawthorn Woods, believed: "Offering economical chance for all Illinoisans, specially those with confronted systematic barriers and deficiencies in investments, try a top-notch concern of Senate Republican person Dan McConchie. She's working to learn more about the requirements of all towns in Illinois and will eventually keep working with all of people in the Senate helping inspire economical development in each region within this county."
Pritzker signal expense to cap payday-loan rates of interest, resist racism linked to economic science
When contacted directly, a spokesman said: "Senator McConchie approves this message."

Thursday, September 16, 2021


where bowers and flowers bloom in the sun
Marijuana advocates, throughout Lake County, are giving themselves high fives:
Open burning of leaves allowed in unincorporated Lake County
Is the Marijuana industry in Lake County on a roll? Conjointly, there is good news from Mundelein:
Could suburbs' first cannabis lounge open in Mundelein?
Your LakeCountyEye asked a local head honcho: "Could the suburbs' first cannabis lounge open in Mundelein?"

He said: "Can I be blunt?  You don't go to the Vatican to sell condoms.  You go to a rock festival."

By the same token, that cannabis lounge may already be in the pipeline:
Suburbs' first cannabis lounge gets the thumbs-up to open in Mundelein
The local head honcho said: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Saturday, September 11, 2021

911 Omission

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks. Please mark this as a day of reflection and remembrance for those whose lives were irrevocably changed 20 years ago.

HaHa, j/k.

Please instead join entrenched incumbent State Senator Dan McConchie for a SHRIMP BOIL:


50/50 RAFFLE



Note to Ops: Never forget your wallet.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Won't Somebody Think of the Children?

The Lake County Very Silly Party is spreading a broadsheet ...
They want to cancel Halloween!

Their demands are stark and transparent ...


"If you are an adult living in fear of children who don't cover their faces it sounds like you could use some psych help. It's not children's job to suffocate themselves to make you feel safe. If you're that scared, STAY HOME and keep your fears off of everyone else's children."

You bet, your LakeCountyEye is scared. Scared that Halloween will be totally ruined if the kids are not allowed to wear their masks.

OK, your LakeCountyEye understands that some people may harbor some religious or psychological animus toward Halloween. If so then on October 31, simply decline to participate. Why spoil the fun for every kid?

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Friends in High Places

How many times has this happened to you?

Your Village government failed to submit an annual financial statement to the Illinois Comptroller, three years running. No problem, your Village auditor has agreed to file the report but they want a bunch of money first.

What to you do?

You can do like the Village of Old Mill Creek did and pay the auditor out of your own pocket:

President Smith: they were not going to turn it in until we paid them. So, I paid them personally which we can talk about at a later agenda item. They want a bunch of money for the 2019 & 2020 reports.
Village of Old Mill Creek -- Board of Trustees -- Regular Meeting -- Aug 9 2021
Note to Ops: Is your Village auditor demanding compensation for services rendered? Why not pay them with a personal check? It's a win-win for everyone. Your auditor gets paid. The taxpayers don't have to foot the bill. And you get to personally pay off the same people who are examining your Village finances.

Win win nudge nudge wink wink.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Labor Under a Misconception

The Republican Party of Texas issued a proclamation: "With the passage of our draconian abortion law, henceforward every day will be Labor Day."

In Illinois, where Labor Day is still a Federal holiday, your LakeCountyEye has the weekend off. Please enjoy a rerun from 2018 ...

State Senator Dan McConchie was host to a Youth Advisory Council. Where? At the Ela Area Public Library:
On November 15, 37 students from the 26th Senate District took part in State Senator Dan McConchie's Youth Advisory Council at the Ela Area Public Library
Sen. McConchie hosts Youth Advisory Council
What does entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie think of Lake County libraries? McConchie said ...
he had heard an out-of-town visitor once describe an area library as something like the "Taj Mahal." McConchie pointed to the "very property-rich southern part" of Lake County, where "every year they take the max they can under the tax caps" and build "massive" facilities. "Sure," McConchie said, "they provide nice services to their folks, but I walk in there, and there's people that are just sitting there on the clock doing absolutely nothing."
McHenry County GOP leaders: Want tax cuts? Look at libraries
Libraries under attack in McHenry County political realm
Your LakeCountyEye has obtained a photo of Dan McConchie sitting there under the clock at the Ela Area Public Library:
Operatives are asked to make up their own joke here.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A Longshot Candidate for Governor

Illinois chooses a Governor next year. To help voters with their selection, your LakeCountyEye will periodically be highlighting the individual candidates:
Meet the Candidates for Governor

Gary Rabine


Bull Valley, McHenry County

"Gary Rabine is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, which is really your right to self-defense."
In manifestly unrelated news, police have yet to apprehended the gunman who fired dozens of shots at a busy McHenry County intersection:
the incident happened around 1:25 p.m. Sunday near the intersection of Route 31 and Bull Valley Road in McHenry. According to an alert sent out to area law enforcement officers in McHenry County, a subject in a red Jeep was armed with an AR-15. The subject began shooting the AR-15 out of the back of the Jeep towards another vehicle that was traveling behind it, the radio alert said. The Jeep was last seen eastbound on Bull Valley Road from Route 31.
Gunman armed with rifle fires dozens of shots in McHenry
If you think you know the identity of the gunman please contact the authorities.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Shooting the Bull Valley

pew pew pew
If statistics are correct, anyone taking a shot in McHenry County probably isn't being vaccinated:
McHenry police are investigating reports of multiple gunshots fired about 1:25 p.m. Sunday in the intersection of Bull Valley Road and Route 31. Police were seen gathering evidence in the intersection for hours, using cameras and drones at the scene. No injuries have been reported and the incident appears to be isolated, police said in a news release.
McHenry police investigating reported shooting at intersection of Route 31 and Bull Valley Road
Authorities are on the lookout for a person or persons hopping around on one foot. And nursing a gunshot wound on the other.

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Supreme Being

Stop in the name of love before you break my heart.
As if to prove the old adage, out of sight out of mind, Lake County favorite son Mark Curran is back and wants to be your next Illinois Supreme Court Justice:
Republican Mark Curran, who lost the U.S. Senate race in 2020 to Sen. Dick Durbin, says God wants him to run for the Illinois Supreme Court, so he's following the call.
Curran desires your support, but Establishment types, Party Hacks and Freemasons need not apply:
"We are taking on the Establishment, the Party Hacks, the Freemasons and those that could care less that Individual Liberty and Conscience Protection are no longer cherished or protected."
The Illuminati who, for the record, were not mentioned in the statement, agreed to take a CURRAN yardsign.

And Curran reiterated he believes he is on a mission from God:
"I believe God wants me to make this run.”
A spokesperson for God said: "PSYCH!"

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Masking For It

Perhaps banking on the assumption that a college campus is a place for educated people who trust science and are capable of listening to reason, the College of Lake County has asked you to wear a mask:
All individuals, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are required to always wear a mask while on campus unless eating or drinking in designated spaces.
College Of Lake County: CLC's Fall Safety Measures
This requirement applies to anyone who wishes to access the CLC campus. With the possible exception of the College Board of Trustees:
Note to Ops: It's good to be King.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Down and Out in Old Mill Creek

Given that the hock is part of a horse's anatomy, then the Village of Old Mill Creek is in hock.

And in more ways than one. According to the Illinois Comptroller, Old Mill Creek is delinquent:
Illinois State Comptroller - Local Government Division - Delinquent Units
Did you know that lots of democratically elected governments have gone bankrupt through no fault of their own? Ukraine, Belarus, Detroit are a few notable examples.

Note to Ops: There is no shame in being down on your luck. If your hometown is in a hole, why not open a GoFundMe account? Lake County municipalities are generous to a fault. If each one chips in a few bucks, expect to be back in the black in no time!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Lies, Damned Lies and the Big Lie

Note to Ops: Are you looking for the Next Big Lie? Well, look no farther than the Lake County Republican Federation:
The Big Lie has the Big Mo. If you are to believe the Lake County Republican Federation, these Lake County elected offices are occupied by former elected Republican officials: Coroner, State's Attorney, State Rep 52, County Board 4, 5, 7, 12 & 19.

What next? Do not be surprised if they start saying that the President of the United States is still Donald Trump:
The Lake County Republican Fabrication
And wouldn't that be a kick in the head? A lie will circle the globe before the truth can get its shoes on.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Lies My Teacher Told Me

The facts that constitute the Big Lie are easy to understand. Simply repeat over and over that a certain former government official still holds high elected office, even though it ain't so. And by high elected office, your LakeCountyEye means the Lake County Regional Superintendent of Schools.

If the Lake County Republican Federation is to be believed, Roycealee Wood is still the Lake County Regional Superintendent of Schools:
Elected Officials | Lake County Republican Federation
And faster than you can say COVID-19, the Big Lie has spread already from the Lake County Republican Federation to their amanuensis, the Lake County Republican Central Committee:
Elected Republican Officials (Lake County) – Lake County Republicans
One GOP spokesman said: "I have plenty of proof. I have proof in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia. And guess what, it's going to turn out and it's gonna flip. You watch. You're gonna see firsthand. We're gonna flip the Lake County Regional Superintendent of Schools."

Monday, August 9, 2021

The Lake County Republican Fabrication

The Big Lie, like COVID-19, respects no boundaries. And like COVID, the Big Lie has infiltrated Lake County.

If the Lake County Republican Federation is to be believed, Donald Trump is still President of the United States:
Elected Officials | Lake County Republican Federation
It goes without saying that there is a lot of money to be made from the Big Lie. Repeat the Big Lie enough times and Republican donors open their checkbooks.

Well, your LakeCountyEye wants a piece of that action, too!

Note to Trump 2024 Ops: Why not spread your Big Lie on this blog as well? Contact your LakeCountyEye for a free estimate. You are guaranteed a better ROI compared to what you get from that other bush-league website.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pizza Pallor

Two slices are twice as healthy.
The Lake County toxic gas cloud is leaking out from Wheeling:
Officials identified the material as anhydrous ammonia, used for the refrigeration of processed food. Fire officials said crews mitigated the leak and then remained on location to ventilate the 500,000-square-foot factory, which makes and freezes pizzas. No firefighters were injured.
Seventy employees evacuated, three hospitalized after ammonia leak at Wheeling pizza factory
One observer who was at the scene said: "It looked like a mushroom cloud to me."

Note to Ops: It's all in the delivery.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Duck and Cover

dummy bridge
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials announced that a truck crashes into the Long Grove bridge once every 90 minutes:
A truck became wedged under the roof of Long Grove's iconic covered bridge late Thursday afternoon, marking at least the 15th time the bridge has been damaged since it reopened last August after major repairs from a previous crash.
Yet another truck strikes roof of Long Grove bridge
One observer said: "They should find that truck, and get it off the road before it hits the bridge again."

That's all your LakeCountyEye has. Get over it.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Steal the Bacon

Now that the Lake County Fair has been bumped back into August, why not fill that hole in your social calendar with another LakeCountyEye Master Class™? This week learn how to make a Chicago Tribune Creepy Political Cartoon.

Drawing cartoons like the Creepy Tribune Cartoonist™ is much easier than it looks. All you need to do is find a few gruesome Francis Bacon paintings:

Just pick one you like -- and don't skimp on the grisly. Then lay your tracing paper on top of the image and presto-corono you have an instant Tribune Creepy Political Cartoon™:
Anti-vaccine stance
Note to Ops: The Chicago Tribune has new owners. Be sure your copyright attorneys know!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Critical Masses

As Tennessee Goes, So Goes the Nation
Note to Ops: Due to the recent surge of new cases, government experts have declared a public health emergency. You are asked to shelter in place to help mitigate the transmission of the deadly variant. Your LakeCountyEye, of course, refers to Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory, which public health experts had believed was isolated to the College of Lake County ...
Never Let a Good Critical Go to Waste
has now spread to schools in Dowers Grove:
approximately 150 protestors—many clad in red shirts—insisted that the district is advancing critical race theory, but using other code words and terminology to advance the concept.
Critical race theory opponents make their case at District 99 meeting
Anyone (yes even you) can become affected with Critical Race Theory, regardless of creed, color or national origin. Know your facts. Forewarned is forearmed:
Critical Race Theory FAQs

What is Critical Race Theory?
Nobody Knows

Where Did Critical Race Theory Come From?
Leaked from a Military Lab in Kenya

What are the Symptoms of Critical Race Theory?

What Treatments are Available?
  • Bleach
  • Ultraviolet Light
There is one proven way to stop Critical Race Theory -- an intensive regimen of Jim Crow. Contact your legislators today!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Emeny Within

Note to Ops: Cover your heads. A stool pigeon is on the loose at the College of Lake County.

In reaction to plans by the College of Lake County to hire a diversity administrator, a battery of protesters showed up to express their opposition to ... critical race theory:
Editorial: Pressure on CLC is troubling for more than just slowing the college's diversity effort
What does hiring a diversity administrator have to do with critical race theory? Nothing.

For that matter, what is critical race theory? Nobody knows.

The important question is: Who dropped a dime on the College? Compelling the CLC Board of Trustees to table the action.

Agitated and misinformed crowds do not just materialize out of nowhere. Particularly to stop an obscure administrative procedure routinely performed by many colleges.
To your LakeCountyEye this looks like an inside job.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Never Let a Good Critical Go to Waste

What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.
Lock the doors and hide your daughters. Critical Race Theory is descending upon Lake County:
The College of Lake County board has delayed the hiring of an administrator to oversee diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on campus in an effort to ease some community members' concerns about critical race theory.
Critical race theory opponents prompt CLC to delay administrator's hiring
What is Critical Race Theory?  To find out, your LakeCountyEye asked Dr. I.M. Bhatschidtkhrazzi, Omnibus Professor of the Plenum at the College of Lake County.

"Ya." said Dr Bhatschidtkhrazzi, "Critical Race Theory?  You got me there.  What's that?"

Your LakeCountyEye heard enough. Did Dr Bhatschidtkhrazzi have any parting advice?

"Tell your Operatives to watch their backs. George Soros wants their blood!"

Friday, July 9, 2021

Polysemy in McHenry County

An actual unretouched screencap from the turgid theocrats at the McHenryCountyBlog:
Whether FOX News, elected officials, candidates or the public, there is a lot of misinformation about what exactly was filibustered yesterday. While the grid of senators voting on cloture is useless, given it was a 50-50 outcome and in spite of Vice President Kamala Harris, in her role as president of the Senate presided, no tiebreaking vote on a cloture vote where 60 votes needed, please note the title. "S. 2093".
Discernment on What EXACTLY Filibustered in U.S. Senate on June 22
What does that mean? It's anybody's guess.

Your LakeCountyEye contacted the very best Internet cryptologists. One said: "Someone with a college education might be able to decipher what they are getting at. But of course if all your readers are from McHenry County, you defeat that purpose."

Monday, July 5, 2021

It's a Plant

Lake County has another 4th of July in the bank, and anyone without 2nd degree burns is invited to enroll in a brand new LakeCountyEye Master Class™. This week learn how to make a Chicago Tribune Creepy Political Cartoon.

Drawing cartoons in the style of the Creepy Tribune Cartoonist™ is much easier than it looks. All you need to do is take some screenshots from your copy of the 1986 horror film, Little Shop of Horrors®™©:
Pick a pic that you like and prest-o change-o you have an instant Tribune Creepy Political Cartoon™:
Feeding the green beast
Note to Ops: The Chicago Tribune has new owners. Be sure your copyright attorneys know!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Son of Meet the New Walsh

If you know who said ...
There Are No Second Acts in American Politics
then you are not Joe Walsh.

As readers of this blog are aware ...
Meet the New Walsh
Ex Lake County Congressman Joe Walsh now favors gun control legislation.

And if that don't beat all, Walsh is recalibrating his position on abortion: No ifs ands or buts about it, the Joe Walsh brand is undergoing an overhaul. Where it is being hauled to is not known.

Next Week: Critical Race Theory! Joe Walsh says he wrote the book.

Monday, June 28, 2021

The McHenry County Epilog

Repeal Obamacare Now!
Like a game of virtual whack-a-mole, the McHenryCountyBlog was down. But not for long. As readers of this blog are aware ...
McHenry County Blockage
the McHenryCountyBlog had gone dark for most of the weekend, by all indications rendered inoperable by a Russian cyber-attack.

It is unknown if the tiredout theocrats at the McHenryCountyBlog paid any of the ransom demanded by the Russian criminals. Because, even with the $4 RetailMeNot coupon, a $45.95 ransom payment is still equivalent to a month's wage in right-to-work McHenry County.

Your LakeCountyEye does know that calls were made, and by Sunday night the Russian cyber-crooks had their business license terminated.  With extreme prejudice.

What your LakeCountyEye does not know is who made the calls and who they were made to.

Note to Ops: Ask your LakeCountyEye no secrets, you'll be told no lies.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

McHenry County Blockage

An actual unretouched screencap of the homepage of the McHenryCountyBlog all weekend:
The tiredout theocrats at the McHenryCountyBlog are nodoubt the victims of a Russian ransomeware attack. And are in a dither.

Note to Ops: Just pay the ransom. How much could they be demanding -- 30 bucks?

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Meet the New Walsh

It's no secret that Joe Walsh tends to get a little trigger happy. But this is ridiculous:

"Screw the NRA."

Parkland Father Launches New 'Dad's For Gun Safety' Campaign | MSNBC
Conservative Ex Lake County Congressman Joe Walsh was seen on MSNBC last week, favoring gun control legislation.

Has Walsh gone off the reservation? Does he want your guns?

More likely, firebrand Joe Walsh is rebranding.  While rightwing-MAGA-Trump schtick may play well south of I-80, Illinois is still a blue state.  Particularly when your base of operations is the Chicago area. If Walsh, who used to be a radio deejay, is looking to run for higher office, or is simply looking for a job, dialing down the krayzee may be a necessary step.

You heard it here first!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Gentlemen, You Can’t Fight in Here, This is an Amusement Park

Let's have a clean fight, touch gloves, go back to your corners and wait for the bell.
Your LakeCountyEye went to a fight the other night, and an amusement park broke out:
Lake County authorities say they responded to a large fight that broke out Sunday night at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee. Gurnee police said they were alerted around 7 p.m. that multiple disturbances and fights had been reported throughout the park.
Authorities call large group of people fighting Sunday at Six Flags Great America an isolated incident
People may say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but it goes without saying that one Lake County theme park is the scrappiest place on earth.

Your LakeCountyEye was assured that every theme park has a bouncer and this one is no exception:
The authorities responsible for cleaning up these incidents issued a sternly worded statement: "If you kids don't stop fighting back there we'll turn around and go back into lockdown."

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Where's the Fire?

Is a house plant equipped to put out a house fire?
On Monday, the Lake County ethylene oxide plant failed to explode in Lake County:
A chemical plant north of Rockford has been referred to the Illinois attorney general's office for environmental violations one day after a fire broke out at the facility, forcing an evacuation order for nearby homes and businesses and closing roads.
Rockton chemical fire could take 7 days to burn out, fire chief says, as state officials refer company for environmental violations
Some Lake County residents are concerned about the chemical fallout and the quality of their air:
Smoke from the massive fire that engulfed the Chemtool plant in Rockton, Illinois, on Monday was so extensive it was picked up on radar systems operated from satellites in space
Thick Smoke From Rockton Chemical Plant Fire Spotted on Weather Radars
One industry hotshot, however, told your LakeCountyEye: "Oh give me a break. You can still see McHenry County, can't you?"

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Taxation Without Riparianation

Q: How many Lake County residents do not live in the Village of Third Lake?
A: Lots!
This US Census fact is not lost on the Village of Third Lake which wants to levy a $30 fee on all of these non-residents:

Village of Third Lake Lakes Commission
April 26, 2021 Minutes
5E. an addition to fee schedule for nonresidents which would charge them a $30 fee annually for access to adjacent lake and $60 for both lakes
Note to Ops: Those hoping to avoid fees are advised to move into the Village of Third Lake.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Go South

famous blast words
Experts now warn the Lake County exploding oil train could explode downstate:
A proposed merger between Canadian National and Kansas City Southern has one Southland mayor concerned about increased train traffic, delays, noise and environmental concerns
More rail traffic in Chicago's south suburbs? Views differ on impact of Canadian National-Kansas City Southern merger
One big wheel at one railroad told your LakeCountyEye: "Oh gimme a break. Anyone who moved from Lake County down to the southside to get out of the blast zone gets what they deserve."

Thursday, June 3, 2021

June Rhymes with Inopportune

Ha Ha, Mr Wilson
If elections are a football game then the 2022 Illinois Primary just had the goalposts moved:
Illinois lawmakers sent to Gov. J.B. Pritzker legislation to move next year's March 15 primary to June 28
Illinois legislators send to Gov. J.B. Pritzker a bill to move 2022 primary to June 28 and make curbside voting a permanent fixture of elections
The 2022 Primary petition period was also reduced from 12 weeks to 7 weeks:
Candidates would begin circulating petitions on Jan. 13 and would file them with the State Board of Elections between March 7 and 14.
Illinois legislators send to Gov. J.B. Pritzker a bill to move 2022 primary to June 28 and make curbside voting a permanent fixture of elections
Shortening the petition period runs out the clock on challengers, who lack the built-in campaign infrastructure that incumbents enjoy.  Like, for instance, entrenched incumbent 26th District State Senator Dan McConchie.

However, one local advance-man told your LakeCountyEye: "Casey Urlacher isn't worried. He plans to run as a write-in candidate."

Note to Ops: Make up your own NFL betting joke here.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Talk is Cheap

EEOC Violation
Lake County Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh can add another name to his list of EXes -- Ex-Shock Jock:
Joe Walsh says radio show canceled due to Trump criticism
What are Joe Walsh's employment prospects? Your LakeCountyEye hasn't spotted Walsh's resume posted on craigslist yet.

Of course, with the pandemic under control now, restaurants are looking to hire cooks and servers. But, for someone with political experience, there is money to be made down in Springfield, where the job of State Senator pays considerably better.

Note to Ops: Now that Casey Urlacher has been redistricted out of Senate District 26, entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie is running unopposed.  Where there is an urgent opening for a primary challenger.

Just Sayin!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Big Map Attack

You don't need a weather map to know which way the wind blows.
How many times has this happened to you? You've filed paperwork to run against the Establishment in the next election. But the power elite takes notice and stops you dead in your tracks. They've changed all of the maps -- and now from where you live you're not eligible to run for dog-catcher.

Of course, your LakeCountyEye is referring to Casey Urlacher and Dan McConchie.

As readers of this blog are aware ...
Casey at the Bet
Lake County favorite son Casey Urlacher was running against entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie in the 26th Senate District.

HaHa, not anymore:
Relief for McConchie: The redraw of Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie puts primary competitor Casey Urlacher in a different district.
It's a Remap Bloodbath
Note to Ops: It's good to be Senate Minority Leader. You can throw your weight around.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Fresh Off the Boat

Note to Ops: Have you received your dunning letter from the Village of Third Lake yet? If not check your Spam folders:

Boating Season is Almost Here Again
The Village of Third Lake passed a Boating Ordinance (Ord 21-01-01) that obliges you to buy a boat registration sticker.

And this means you.  Get out your checkbook.  No exceptions!

Even if you paid for a sticker last year -- it doesn't matter. Or even if you don't live in the Village of Third Lake -- they don't care. Or even if you don't own a boat -- that's no excuse!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Boom Times

Faster than a speeding bullet ...
If the Lake County exploding oil train hasn't exploded near you yet, that protracted hiatus may be coming to an end. CN Railway wants to expand its rail traffic in the suburbs:
A replay of a 2008 battle to stop the Canadian National Railway from acquiring another railroad is emerging in the suburbs with similar concerns about spiraling freight train traffic.
Could railroad merger lead to more freight trains in the suburbs?
It goes without saying that the more trains running through your town means the more likely there will be a derailed train not running through your town:
There is potential that "CN's freight trains will further burden the Chicago area with increased road network congestion by adding a significant increase in freight rail volumes"
Could railroad merger lead to more freight trains in the suburbs?
One spokesman for one railroad said: "What's your beef? It's not like we're going to cram in more miles of train than there are miles of track to hold them."

Friday, May 14, 2021

The Party is Ober

There's Always Next Year
On the heels of showing Liz Cheney the door, US House Republicans voted to fill her shoes with freshman GOP Congressman, Jim Oberweis.

HaHa, j/k.

Oberweis has been kicked to the curb faster than you can say the Big Lie:
The U.S. House on Wednesday rejected Republican Jim Oberweis' challenge to Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood's election last fall to a second term.
Rep. Lauren Underwood’s reelection stands as US House dismisses challenge by Jim Oberweis
What's next for perennial candidate and pardner Jim Oberweis? Look for Oberweis to challenge Lake County favorite son and pardoneer Casey Urlacher in the 26th Senate District.

You heard it here first!

Monday, May 10, 2021

Casey at the Bet

Money is the mother's milk of politics.
It is a documented fact that more people can tell you who their bookie is than can tell you who their State Senator is. Well, Casey Urlacher wants to even the spread:
Just months after being pardoned by then-President Donald Trump while facing illegal gambling charges, newly reelected Mettawa Mayor Casey Urlacher again is setting his sights on higher office, submitting paperwork to run for state Senate. Urlacher on Thursday filed a statement of organization that reactivates his Citizens for Urlacher political committee. It allows Urlacher, a Republican, to run in 2022 for the 26th state Senate District seat, a post now held by Senate GOP Leader Dan McConchie of Hawthorn Woods.
Months after Trump pardon, Casey Urlacher files to run for state Senate seat
Lake County favorite son Casey Urlacher is running for State Senator. Can he beat Lake County entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie? He can with an endorsement from Donald Trump.

6 to 5 for Uhrlacher, by your LakeCountyEye's reckoning!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Buy Land They Aren't Making It Anymore

With everyone pouring their retirement nesteggs into the stockmarket, why is the Village of Third Lake buying up real estate?

One resident asked that question at a Third Lake Village board meeting:

Village of Third Lake Regular Meeting of the Trustees
Your LakeCointyEye asked the property assessor, what gives?  He said: "As soon as they purchase four houses, the Village can build a hotel."

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Who was that Unmasked Man?

Can you spot the difference between these College of Lake County Trustees?
The man without a mask is conspiracy theorist and the new elected CLC Trustee, Robert Tomei Jr:
Readers of this blog will recall Tomei's two-cents worth on the JFK assassination and the Trump pee-tape:
That's News Tomei
The Lone Nut Theory
Appearances to the contrary, science and medicine is still offered at CLC:
Note to Ops: Get your Degree before it's too late!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Make America Donate Again

Repeat After Me
Did you click on State Senator Dan McConchie's illegal fundraising email?
A staff member for Illinois Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie has been reprimanded for using a state government email account to remind colleagues of a political fundraiser.
McConchie staffer reprimanded for sending political email
If so, the perpetrator of the illegal email deserves a bonus in her paycheck:
State records indicate her salary is $80,000.
McConchie staffer reprimanded for sending political email
Note to Ops: Illegal political fundraising pays for itself -- and is all perfectly legal!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Winner Winner ...

A Chicken in Every Spambot
Check your spam folders. You may have an illegal email from State Senator Dan McConchie:
A staff member for Illinois Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie has been reprimanded for using a state government email account to remind colleagues of a political fundraiser. Leanne Bucci, personnel and fiscal manager for the Senate Republicans, sent the email Saturday morning about the annual Caucus Chicken Fry Monday at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield.
McConchie staffer reprimanded for sending political email
Cybersecurity experts warn against clicking the Dan McConchie email.  You risk being the victim of a Springfield chicken dinner.

That's all your LakeCountyEye has.  Now scramble.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lost & Found Dept

Note to Ops: Check your records. If you are short one affidavit, it can be picked up here: