Monday, December 27, 2021

Which of These People are Behind Bars?

Dick Barr, a Lake County Board Commissioner, alleges that his car was robbed on Christmas Eve. His proof is a porch-cam video of his driveway:
Did Dick Barr file a police report? If not, then why not? If someone broke into your car on your driveway, wouldn't you call the police?

In Chicago there is a code of silence that they call don't snitch:
It's an old problem and an old code — "don't snitch." And it exists everywhere. But in Chicago, where homicides and shootings are up significantly this year, that old code is leaving a rising number of violent crimes unsolved.
In Chicago, Violence Soars And Witnesses Go Silent
But isn't Lake County supposed to be better than Chicago? Shouldn't Dick Barr march right down to the Round Lake Beach Police Headquarters and tell them everything he knows?  If he hasn't already, why hasn't he?

And Dick Barr absolutely needs to show the police the video.  That's because even though Lake County has not seen any snow since last March, the video shows a solid coat of snow on the ground. And Dick Barr, an actual elected Lake County Board Commissioner, will need to explain where all that snow came from.

Because the police aren't stupid.

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Somebody please ‘Stop The Steal”