Monday, December 13, 2021

Oh Give Me a Home

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Do you have a lost pet? Sadly, the Sheriff's Dept does not have the resources to help. If your pet is an American Bison however, well that's another story:
Authorities said the owner of the animal reported it missing to the Lake County Sheriff's Office in mid-September.
Sheriff warns residents not to approach ‘Tyson the Bison’ which has been on loose for months in Lake County
This lost bison ...
is making a name for herself in the Cary area, an hour northwest of Chicago, with citizens posting photos and videos of her on Facebook, along with jokes and statements of support. A local artist has painted a portrait of the wily bovine — dubbed Billy by her fans.
A runaway buffalo roams the streets of suburban Cary, inspiring social media posts, art and Sasquatch comparisons: ‘Are we dreaming this?’
Going by several aliases -- such as "Tyson the Byson" and "Buffalo Billy" -- the runaway ungulate has eluded capture because no one knows exactly which name they need to to call out. One thing is known, there are ten names the bison does not answer to:
10 Rejected Names for
the Lake County Lost Bison
  1. Joe Blow the Buffalo

  2. Terramycin the Bison

  3. Covid the Bovid

  4. Buffalo Bill Barr

  5. Lice In the Bison

  6. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  7. Buffalo Chip

  8. The Grove Formerly Known as Buffalo

  9. The Notorious B.I.S.O.N.

  10. Yertle the Bison
Look for your LakeCountyEye in Buffalo NY.

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