Friday, October 1, 2021

Boatloads of Cash

Your wouldn't know it from looking at their names, but the Village of Third Lake has two cash cows:
Druce Lake & Third Lake
The Village charges a fee to anyone who docks a boat on either of these lakes.

These revenues however may not be paying the bills. The Village of Third Lake is investigating ways to charge non-residents with the fees -- and is researching how other Villages do it:
One Village to the South -- the City of Chicago -- charges boats by the foot:

Note to Ops: Kerching!


Anonymous said...

“It takes a village” to grow a scam of this magnitude.

Illegal boat stickers aren’t enough pilfering for these pirates in public office. The mere suggestion of village-imposed, docking fees on Third and Druce lakes shows how ignorant, greedy, and corrupt Third Lake officials really are. Village of Third Lake does not even have a harbor on either lake. Each of these lakes are also non-public/private lakes. This is common knowledge. By contrast, Chicago does have a harbor, and Lake Michigan is a public body of water. Worse, Druce Lake and Third Lake have sections where these docks are located that are outside the village limits. Not even corrupt Chicago taxes people for docking outside its limits. Yet Village yahoos in this Lake County suburb tax property owners of unincorporated sections of Druce and Third, owners with RIGHTS to the entire lake. This is people’s private property and by Illinois law are not subject to village ordinances.

This wrong form of local government actually had to be clarified as illegal years ago because certain Lake County officials who are still in office and were promoted along the way began to widely sell this scam on non-public lakes in Lake County. Michael Adam and Mark Pfister are 2 such county officials. Eye on Lake County should run an article on them, their history, their involvement as county officials, their promotions (from other county officials also engaged in the scam), and how they were all working together to sell this fraud. Never prosecuted.

What these crooks in the Village of Third Lake are now suggesting is more of the same illegal, zoning beyond village limits and to further illegally tax the non-village private property owners. With President Buckley at the helm, the village builds quite a lawsuit against itself.

At what point does this compulsive, illegal, abuse of local government power to defraud people of money become criminal? The Village has already lost court cases last year against unincorporated lake owners on Druce and Third.. And if county law enforcement is still engaged in the illegal taxing scheme whether by issuing tickets for violation of illegal village ordinances or is refusing to prosecute corrupt local officials orchestrating the scam, at what point are they too held accountable? How about the county board member? She’s actually been attending village meetings while this corruption has been discussed and implemented on Druce and Third, without objections from that county official. It takes place with her awareness and support.

Lots more to report, Eye on Lake County. Many village and county officials have their hands in this pie which is why they now want a bigger pie.

Anonymous said...

The frogs are a boilin’ at Third Lake.

3rd Lake Officials Are Numbn*ts said...

Dear 3rd Lake Law Breakers,
Using a municipality to zone restrictions upon any private properties including upon private lake properties which are located outside municipal corporate borders is illegal in Illinois. I...L…L…E…G…A…L. Quit breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

The Village owns the middle of the lake, half of 3d lake is in the village limits and virtually all of druce are within village limits...

Illinois Supreme Court said...

Is the village’s ownership of portions of the lakes supposed to be some sort of defense of the village’s actions?

This is what the Illinois courts have consistently ruled: “….We, therefore, affirm the appellate court's holding that where there are multiple owners of the bed of a private, nonnavigable lake, such owners and their licensees have the right to the reasonable use and enjoyment of the surface waters of the entire lake provided they do not unduly interfere with the reasonable use of the waters by other owners and their licensees.” - Illinois Supreme Court, 1988

By Illinois law, owners of either private, nonnavigable Third Lake or Druce Lake have the right to the entire lake and are not subject to the village’s ordinances claimed against the private unincorporated properties of the private, nonnavigable lakes. President Buckley himself reconfirmed this when he submitted his signed affidavit of statute 65 ILCS 5/7-4-4 to the Lake County Circuit Court in September 2020, a statute prohibiting village restrictions against unincorporated lake owners. Buckley and the village thus lost their case in court against the unincorporated (Druce) lake owner (Oglesby).

Anonymous said...
Yep. Butch already knows his town’s agenda is illegal. Butch provided this signed affidavit to the court, citing Illinois state law that makes it such. The court handed Butch the loss and handed the unincorporated lake owner the win.