Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wither Winderweedle

See you in the funny pages.
Appearances to the contrary, Kash Jackson is not the name of a character in the new Stormy Daniels movie. No, Kash Jackson is is the name of Lake County favorite-son and candidate for Governor:
Kash Jackson of Antioch is running as the Libertarian candidate for governor in Illinois.
Father's rights fuel Antioch Libertarian's bid for governor
With a name like that, the walk-card almost writes itself!

How does one go about acquiring a sexy ballot-name like Kash Jackson? Not by accident, apparently, either of birth or any other way.  Kash Jackson ...
legally changed his name from Benjamin Winderweedle to Grayson Kash Jackson in 2017.
Father's rights fuel Antioch Libertarian's bid for governor
Note to Ops: While it is easy to legally change your name ...
The Porn Star Name Generator
You may want to think twice before signing the paperwork. A ballot-name like Winderweedle comes along once in a lifetime. Could you resist casting your vote for the guy named Winderweedle? Your LakeCountyEye could not.

One political scientist however did tell your LakeCountyEye: "This might work out well for Kash Jackson. He doesn't need to recruit a suitable Lt Governor candidate to be his running-mate. He can run on the Jackson-Winderweedle ticket. Who would suspect anything?"

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