Monday, May 14, 2018

Raise? No Objections!

What does $90,000 get you these days? Not a County Board Chairman. At least not in Lake County.

The Lake County board raised the salary of their Chairman from $90,000 to $100,000 last week:
Chairman Aaron Lawlor's county board seat is up for election in November. His base annual salary is $90,931 and rises to $100,931 with an auto allowance and liquor commissioner stipend.
Lake County Board members' pay frozen, but chairman gets a boost
Is one county board chairman worth $100,000? This Lake County Board Commissioner thinks so:
"It's a full-time, demanding position with a great deal of responsibility," board member Chuck Bartels said.
Lake County Board members' pay frozen, but chairman gets a boost
So true it is, with great power comes great responsibility. And those responsibilities include sorting through discarded pharmaceuticals:

Lake County's Dirty Jobs:
Pharmaceuticals Collection Program
Note to Ops: Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.


Anonymous said...

This same board also raised our taxes again last year for the seventh straight year. Thank you Aaron Lawlor for raising our taxes and giving yourself a raise.

Why is Aaron Lawlor attacking the other republicans on his board and defending the assessor ? What is he hiding. Lake County Eye should ask about this latest pointless fight fight, maybe there is something going on that voters should know about. Good job aron you're hurting us more than you help us

Anonymous said...

This is the same Aaron Lawlor who made hay about not supporting a pay raise for himself.(of course this was during his election year.) It was all over his facebook, ads, ect. He is such a great public servant, opposing more money for himself.

But now, he can simply turn that raise down, or give it back to the county, or give it to his favorite charity. But is he doing any of that? Of course not.

I am not begrudging his pay, it actually seems low for the amount of work involved in that position. But to use it during an election year, and then do nothing about it just proves what a weenie Aaron Lawlor really is. It puts into question pretty much everything he says and does as a public official.