Saturday, May 19, 2018

Young Guns

Little Neddy, Grab Your Gun
It has come to your LakeCountyEye's attention that the three teens taken into custody after firing a stolen gun in public were not the same three teens taken by Congressman Peter Roskam to a closed-door meeting on gun violence.

The one group of three pro-gun teens were stopped early this week by Woodstock police:
Three teens were taken into custody Sunday after one of them fired a stolen gun in Woodstock, authorities said.
Teens arrested in Woodstock after shots fired Sunday
While the the other group of three pro-gun teens were with Peter Roskam, two weeks ago, for a discussion with high school students about school shootings:
In addition to the six students from Glenbard North, South and West high schools, five of whom originally requested the meeting after the town hall, Roskam added three pro-gun rights students from Wheaton Academy to the closed meeting — something the town hall students said they did not expect.
In closed-door meeting, Roskam brings pro-gun rights teens to talk gun violence prevention with students
A careful inspection of publicly available reports does show that the first trio of pro-gun teens and the second trio of pro-gun teens are different trios of pro-gun teens.

Your LakeCountyEye regrets the error.

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