Sunday, May 27, 2018

Low on Kash

It has come to your LakeCountyEye's attention that the right-wing personal-responsibility candidate from Lake County who is being sued for child support is not ex-Congressman Joe Walsh. No, this Lake County right-wing personal-responsibility absentee-father is gubernatorial candidate Kash Jackson:
A Lake County judge ordered a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate from Antioch to pay his ex-wife more than $10,000 in past medical and education expenses for his children. Before Thursday's decision, Grayson "Kash" Jackson told Judge Joseph Salvi he isn't making the money to cover the $12,559 in arrearages awarded to his ex-wife for day care, medical, education and extra curricular activities expenses.
Judge orders Libertarian candidate for governor to pay ex-wife over $10,000 in support
To be sure, $12,559 is small potatoes when compared to the over $117,000 that Joe Walsh owed back in his salad days. State law however dictates that Lake County voters get no more than one favorite-son deadbeat-dad to vote for, per election. And Kash Jackson will be on the ballot in November. While shock-jock Joe Walsh will be (everything else being equal) only on the radio.

Note to Ops: Walsh settled his child-support claim after he was elected to Congress, which draws a salary of $174,000:
Joe Walsh Settles Child Support Dispute With Ex-Wife
When Lake County favorite-son Kash Jackson is elected Governor of Illinois he will draw a salary of $177,412. Will it hurt to give just once, this November?

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