Friday, September 10, 2021

Won't Somebody Think of the Children?

The Lake County Very Silly Party is spreading a broadsheet ...
They want to cancel Halloween!

Their demands are stark and transparent ...


"If you are an adult living in fear of children who don't cover their faces it sounds like you could use some psych help. It's not children's job to suffocate themselves to make you feel safe. If you're that scared, STAY HOME and keep your fears off of everyone else's children."

You bet, your LakeCountyEye is scared. Scared that Halloween will be totally ruined if the kids are not allowed to wear their masks.

OK, your LakeCountyEye understands that some people may harbor some religious or psychological animus toward Halloween. If so then on October 31, simply decline to participate. Why spoil the fun for every kid?


Anonymous said...

Somebody should think of these so-called 'adults' breeding, let alone publishing their utter nonsense. I mean, another generation of "no sacrifices for me, thanks" types?? Wonder if they all turned in their driver's license and stopped paying taxes since they consider themselves not from Illinois. It's like science and facts don't exist for them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the imbeciles are publishing this garbage to demonstrate they deserve a refund on their education. They make a good argument for it.

“....but Mommy doesn’t have the courage....” This is the rambling from the mind of a 3rd grader trying to resort to peer pressure and personal insults to overshadow facts and truth. Typical slop spewed from uneducated Lake County trash.