Saturday, September 4, 2021

Labor Under a Misconception

The Republican Party of Texas issued a proclamation: "With the passage of our Soviet-era abortion law, henceforward every day will be Labor Day."

In Illinois, where Labor Day is still a Federal holiday, your LakeCountyEye has the weekend off. Please enjoy a rerun from 2018 ...

State Senator Dan McConchie was host to a Youth Advisory Council. Where? At the Ela Area Public Library:
On November 15, 37 students from the 26th Senate District took part in State Senator Dan McConchie's Youth Advisory Council at the Ela Area Public Library
Sen. McConchie hosts Youth Advisory Council
What does entrenched incumbent Dan McConchie think of Lake County libraries? McConchie said ...
he had heard an out-of-town visitor once describe an area library as something like the "Taj Mahal." McConchie pointed to the "very property-rich southern part" of Lake County, where "every year they take the max they can under the tax caps" and build "massive" facilities. "Sure," McConchie said, "they provide nice services to their folks, but I walk in there, and there's people that are just sitting there on the clock doing absolutely nothing."
McHenry County GOP leaders: Want tax cuts? Look at libraries
Libraries under attack in McHenry County political realm
Your LakeCountyEye has obtained a photo of Dan McConchie sitting there under the clock at the Ela Area Public Library:
Operatives are asked to make up their own joke here.

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