Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Concealed Weapons

Question of the day: How many Lake County Commissioners are gun importers?

Answer: At least one.

Bonus Question: How many of those are Michael A Danforth?

Bonus Answer: No fewer than one.

Lake County Commissioner Michael A Danforth (District 17) has an ATF license to import firearms:
Look for the details in Michael Danforth's bio on the Lake County Board website:
HaHa, J/K.

His bio page says nothing about Danforth's ATF license. The bio says that Danforth is on the Trinity Oaks Christian Academy Board of Trustees. And it says he served as a member of the DeKalb County Board. But does his CV say anywhere that Michael Danforth is an ATF licensed Importer of firearms or ammunition for firearms other than destructive devices or ammunition other than armor piercing ammunition?

Nope. Good luck finding that anywhere.

Lake County Commissioner Michael Danforth, apparently, is reluctant to mix business with politics.

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