Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The McConchie Memory Hole

Did you know that Dan McConchie was an anti-abortion lobbyist?

Nobody knows. And that's no accident.

Dan McConchie has a campaign website.  The website has an about page:
But that about page says nothing about McConchie having been a paid anti-abortion lobbyist.

McConchie's IL Senate website has a biography page, one that does say:
He spent 20 years working in public affairs for national advocacy groups
What it does not say is that the advocacy group is Americans United for Life an anti-abortion law firm and lobby based in Washington, D.C.  And that McConchie was a Vice-President there.

McConchie even has a Wikipedia page:
The Wiki page lists McConchie's positions on:
  • Pension reform
  • Budget and taxes
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Redistricting and term limits
What is Dan McConchie's position on abortion? Nobody knows.

Does anyone know who said ... ?
He who controls the past controls the future.

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Anonymous said...

Controlling the narrative: That’s all the politicos care about in order to use government for personal agendas.