Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Dump and Jump

One advantage to building a ski hill on top of a garbage dump is you don't have far to go when you need to throw away smashed skis and used medical supplies.

The Village of Round Lake wants to build a ski jump on top of a dump landfill clean fill dirt:
Residents and others concerned with a request to annex 94 acres for a fill site that would create a year-round ski hill in Round Lake have stepped up efforts to make their case and voice concerns. Yard signs have been posted and a website,, created to accompany a Facebook page involving the proposal targeted for land north and west of Townline and Fairfield roads.
Proposed Round Lake ski hill's opponents call it a 'dump,' but mayor says 'it's not a landfill'
This raises some obvious questions:

Why would a Village contract with a company currently embroiled in a breach-of-contract suit with a neighboring Village?
Appellate court reverses $5.3 million judgment against Hawthorn Woods
And why would a Village want to award that company with a project that could easily do significant harm to the environment?
Opponents are questioning the track record of the would-be fill site operator and what they say are a lack of specifics for the proposal to create a 200-foot ski hill using a synthetic snow substitute.
Proposed Round Lake ski hill's opponents call it a 'dump,' but mayor says 'it's not a landfill'
Did a former Round Lake mayor sell the land to that company back in 2019, for $200,000?
Note to Ops: It's good to be Mayor.


Anonymous said...

Proposed new slogans:

* Village of Round Lake: No longer just a figurative or political cesspool!

* Village of Round Lake: The Gateway to Grift

*. Village of Round Lake: Where our constituents like dumps. Lots of them. No really, they do. It has nothing to do with bribes. Really.

* Village of Round Lake: 1 800 Got Crap

Anonymous said...

Is there a prerequisite for Mayor of Round Lake to be scamming douchebag?