Friday, September 2, 2022

Up-Front Money

Question of the day:
Why did Mark Curran lend his campaign one dollar?

To keep his pants from falling down. To lift the contribution limits on his campaign.

As readers of this blog are aware,
Another Day Another Dollar
Mark Curran loaned his Supreme Court candidacy one dollar (along with an additional $100,000). This broke the Illinois self-funding limit, and when that happens all contribution caps are automatically lifted for the contest.

In effect, anyone can now give Curran any amount they like. Furthermore, Curran doesn't have to spend a dime of the money he loaned to his campaign. No, he can spend only that money he takes in from outside donors.  And with the money left over, pay back his loan after the election.

To be sure, it takes brains to be an Illinois Supreme Court Justice. But as of this posting, Lake County favorite son Mark Curran has not yet received a heck of a lot of money from anyone at all. It is not known where those substantial mega-donations are supposed to come from.

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