Sunday, June 12, 2016

An Aquarian Agrarian

If the 10th Congressional District was a two-man bobsled race, they may need to pop open the rumble seat. Joe Kopsick hopes to file as an Independent candidate in the Tenth:

Independent Candidate Enters Race for U.S. House
Kopsick has a blog ...
A blog about libertarian politics and radical political theory, focusing on political philosophy and ideology, constitutional law, civil liberties, civil rights, labor laws, U.S.-Israeli foreign policy, anarchism, election statistics, and the relationship between religion and law.
The Aquarian Agrarian
According to the blog, Kopsick ...
describes his writing as "an attempt to apply poetic close-reading to legalese mumbo-jumbo, to free humanity from linguistic traps set by lawmakers and guarded by fancy-schmancy big-city lawyers, intent on stamping every document that comes across their desks with the dreaded seal of 'notary public' (not a republic)".
Nuff said!

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