Saturday, May 22, 2021

Fresh Off the Boat

Note to Ops: Have you received your dunning letter from the Village of Third Lake yet? If not check your Spam folders:

Boating Season is Almost Here Again
The Village of Third Lake passed a Boating Ordinance (Ord 21-01-01) that obliges you to buy a boat registration sticker.

And this means you.  Get out your checkbook.  No exceptions!

Even if you paid for a sticker last year -- it doesn't matter. Or even if you don't live in the Village of Third Lake -- they don't care. Or even if you don't own a boat -- that's no excuse!


Anonymous said...

King George would be proud of Village Mayor Butch Buckley. A chip off the old block fearlessly taxing those he does not represent, unincorporated Lake County residents. Taxation without representation, just as the tyrant’s signed letter says.

Third Lake SUCKS said...

n. the action of stealing another person’s property

Anonymous said...

2021’s letter from the Butcher of Third Lake mirrors 2020’s. Except this year the Butcher has amended his village ordinance to also include taxing boats without motors. Yes rafts. This includes taxing “boats” so small that even the State of Illinois does not require state stickers. Yes, the Village of Third Lake is more corrupt than the State of Illinois.

If history repeats itself in 2021, the Butcher will once again be bribing a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy to join in on his annual walk of shame through unincorporated Lake County threatening people until they write a check. And State’s Attorney Eric Reinhart will again turn a blind eye to the criminals committing crimes around Druce Lake and Third Lake.

Anonymous said...

Love letters from the Third Reich.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. The mayor’s letter should have started:

“Dear Judge,

I’m incriminating myself in 2021 like I did in 2020. I learned nothing in last year’s 2 court losses.......”

SNL needs fresh material said...

Encore! Bravo! Encore!

So when will the 3L mob boss treat us to another one of his enlightening, signed affidavits reciting state statutes and disinterpreting the law? He set the bar low in the lake muck last year, so low this year will be tough to beat. If anyone can do it, I’m betting the Godfather of 3L can.

Anonymous said...

Is it a crime if my rubber duck doesn’t have a Third Lake boat sticker this year?

Third Lake SUCKS said...

Anyone with a high school diploma understands the difference between a license to use and a right to use. But since the high school flunkies in Third Lake don’t know, here are those definitions:

n. a permit from an authority to use something

n. plural of right, which is the collection of entitlements which a person may have and which are protected by the government and the courts

A collection of entitlements is what the Illinois Supreme Court has already ruled, in favor of all riparian owners towards the use of ALL of Druce Lake and ALL of Third Lake. Not to part of a riparian’s lake. Not requiring local government permission to a riparian’s lake. An entitlement to ALL of a riparian’s lake.

By definition entitlement does not require obtaining local officials’ permission. Riparians by law do not need local government douchebags’ permission to use their own lake.

This agenda to illegally convert ”entitlement” into ”permit” is a guaranteed loser. Those who will be breaking out their checkbooks in the end will be the citizens of Third Lake because of what their officials are illegally doing now to rightful riparian owners.

Get ready to sign those checks, Third Lake.

Cartman of Third Lake Coming To Your Home Soon said...

A significant difference from the mayor’s 2020 letter and his 2021 letter: In 2021 the mayor no longer makes reference to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department being used to enforce the extortionists’ sticker fee ordinance. Looks like the Sheriff finally got wise to the scam, has pulled County Deputies from being any part of it, and told the mayor to do his own enforcing of his own ordinance. Be sure to ‘Respect Butch’s Authoritah” when he comes knocking in 2021.

Anonymous said...

If you signed a Liver Donor Card, this is the kind of dumb f@#k @sshole that would use public office to collect on it, while you were still using it. Monty Python style.

Chicago Chumbolone said...

Buckley is a poker player. Bluffing is an integral part of his game. Losing both hands in court last year does not phase Buckley the BS’er since it is neither his $ already wasted nor his $ on the line going forward. He could care less. That is reflected both in his letters and a perpetual-running-red budget. He just does not want people to know about the cases where he bluffed, got called on his bluff, and lost in court. This is why his bluffs resulting in court losses are nowhere to be found in village meeting minutes. (EOLC should publish a story on his lost court cases.). With Third Lake tax payers in the dark, Bluffing Buckley continues to double down with Third Lake’s $ while being 4 cards short of a full house, just like his last hand. Buckley tells his lawyers what to write in “their” opinion letters, then he pretends to believe the garbage he had them write. Buckley’s Bluff. Does anyone remember Mayor Richard Hill of Round Lake Beach when he in 2005 had his lawyer write a fatally flawed legal opinion about private lakes, boat license fees, Beacham, and jurisdiction? The Third Lake Mayor’s IQ and moral fiber may be lower than that of the Round Lake Beach Mayor’s, too.

As coincidences are for chumps, the Round Lake Beach lawyer that wrote the fatally flawed 2005 legal opinion about private lakes, boat license fees, Beacham, and jurisdiction is today the Avon Township lawyer. The same lawyer also wrote a BS lake ordinance on private Crystal Lake in 2019, for a park district. Over 2 years, the park district’s ordinance has yet to be enforced, reflecting how confident officials are in the legal advice bought from and dispensed by that lawyer. Bluffers.

EOLC should publish all the BS legal opinions written by the Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe lawyers, written for the various Buckley Bluffers posturing as public officials, paid for by the In The Dark Tax Payers, and how any resulting lawsuits against units of local government are profitable to the lying lawyers. There is a very clear pattern. People are being defrauded.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Butch’s letter fails to mention neither lake has been annexed.

Art of War said...

Forcibly annexing the remaining parcels of both lakes and the surrounding unincorporated riparian properties - Butch’s end game - is an extremely expensive legal war. Butch needs justification to initiate and pay for such a costly battle. What gives Butch that needed justification to go to legal war?

Answer: a judge’s ruling declaring he can’t do what he’s doing without annexation of all riparian properties of each lake.

That would give Butch his “whole” lake annexation war. Just what he admitted he wanted and needed, at all costs, to control the lakes, as he admitted in the February 2020 village meeting.

Anonymous said...

Fresh off of his rocker. Someone forgot to lock the gates at the loonie bin.

Anonymous said...

Compulsive Liar Buckley today claims he has jurisdiction over the lakes, despite losing all court cases to date. This is a sick and twisted mayor playing these games, exploiting the elderly and people not knowledgeable of the law or their valuable rights. Through lies and deceit, Buckley’s goal is to trick as many as possible into voluntary annexation and then by force via involuntary annexation. After that happens, people’s properties will be devalued and taxed per the village’s whims.

How sad it is the county board members and law enforcement take a back seat watching this unfold. Where are these self proclaimed, good government proponents?

County Board Member Casbon, where are you? State’s Attorney Reinhart? People are tired of hearing crickets.

Anonymous said...

Where is the media coverage of this?

Anonymous said...

The corruption extends to both sides of the aisle and well into Lake County.

When do we get to see another Lake County kangaroo court order in favor of the oppressors, those driven to steal rights from certain property owners under false pretenses? No doubt this is about to be served up for the village scumbags. Nonetheless, higher courts are going to crush any compromised judge’s order in Lake County. It’s happened before. It will happen again because Lake County is the most crooked county in Illinois. Isn’t that right, State Representative Sam Yingling (D), former Avon Township Supervisor? Only county judges at the county level can be influenced to get your way on your lake in Lake County.

Or maybe former State Representative Churchill (R) can enlighten everyone. Or maybe former Lake County Board Member Larry Leafblad (R)?

Keep reporting EOLC. Report chronologically on Representative Churchill’s bill, it’s intent, what it proves his legal firm knew, how the attempted state law change failed, and how that subsequent legal firm’s legal case and “win” on Highland Lake based on “85%” doesn’t exactly reflect what they knew about the law. Report how a voluntary, non binding association with no jurisdiction got the win to ban motors. Report the politicians who live on the lake and wanted that court order. Then list the owners who received tax breaks due to the lake becoming “restricted” after the court ordered enjoining people from using motors on the lake, all but 36V electric motors.

Follow the money.

Report how a recently promoted Lake County Lakes Management Director Mike Adam conveniently left out of his testimony to the court what his predecessor Mark Pfister previously had reported to the Daily Herald. “It’s a myth fast boating (with gas motors) harms fish and plant life.” Lying by omission is a lie. This is what lying scumbags do.