Thursday, May 6, 2021

Buy Land They Aren't Making It Anymore

With everyone pouring their retirement nesteggs into the stockmarket, why is the Village of Third Lake buying up real estate?

One resident asked that question at a Third Lake Village board meeting:

Village of Third Lake Regular Meeting of the Trustees
Your LakeCointyEye asked the property assessor, what gives?  He said: "As soon as they purchase four houses, the Village can build a hotel."


3rd Lake and Druce Lake are PRIVATE lakes said...

Mayor Bully Butch Buckley,

Village of Third Lake residents,
Get out your checkbooks. You’re on the hook for your Mayor’s and Trusttees’ illegal shakedown.

Anonymous said...

Butch is a classic product of a lifetime in government. He had the village buy “land”, meaning the parcels at the bottom of the lake. Unbuildable land. This is Butch’s Imperialism “hard at work” sinking taxpayer dollars into his quest to illegally tax unincorporated riparian property owners on lakes. What mental midget Butch fails to understand is any “win” he thinks he may get at a Kangeroo Circuit Court is a guaranteed much bigger lawsuit against the village. He is assuring massive losses at the village with his loser agenda. Taxation without representation is King George’s style of government run out of this country centuries ago. If illiterate, Big Government Butch was capable of comprehending English and the state statutes he quotes in his affidavits to the court, he would not be claiming he has authority to tax unincorporated lake property owners. Or does he understand his actions are prohibited by law and just think he is above the law? Eric Rinehart? Are you there? Bueller? Bueller?

Dewey, Cheatem & Howe said...

We would appreciate no further coverage of our organized crime outfit. Kindly cease and desist from publishing our client’s falsified affidavits, incriminating meeting minutes, shakedown letters sent to unincorporated residents, bogus code violations, court losses, and any witnesses’ testimony that our client bribed Lake County cops to assist in the defrauding of Lake County citizens. Please allow our client to resume his sovereign right to trespass, bully, cheat and use government powers to forcibly annex people’s private properties into our client’s corrupt village. Please under no circumstances reveal our client’s relationships with county officials who covertly but verifiably promote this illegal activity to take by force what does not belong to our client.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

The Thugs of Third Lake are caught illegally taxing both unincorporated and incorporated residents of the 2 lakes!!!!

It is a scandal. Every unincorporated challenger of this illegal taxing scheme won their case in court in 2020. In 2021, to legalize what is now illegal, the Mob Boss of Third Lake who currently shakes down unincorporated residents is buying area properties including unbuildable lake bottom parcels for no other reason than to shrink the remaining unincorporated acreage down to a size <60 acres. Once <60 acres, the Village of Crooks will forcibly annex that entire remaining unincorporated area including of the 2 lakes, legalizing their now illegal village taxation over the 2 lake properties of Third Lake and Druce Lake.

Contact the Attorney General or FBI if Lake County States Attorney Eric Rinehart refuses fo do his job. Place the Syndicate of Third Lake and their enablers behind bars.

Third Lake To Run Red said...

Well done, Eye on Lake County!

The quote is from Gary Beggan, former President of Third Lake questioning President Buckley’s crusade to annex and running the village red doing so. The Minutes from February 18, 2020 show Buckley’s response,

“President Buckley stated the annexation of the lakes, including the Wast and East Shore Homeowners is not about making money.......He said the residents will no longer be unincorporated, and the annexation would make the lakes whole.and in one village.”

Buckley is admitting he is willing to spend like a drunken sailor and must have each “whole” lake to be within the village so as to assert control on each lake. Those annexations of the remaining west side (of a Third Lake) and east side (of Druce Lake) as of May 2021 have yet to happen, but here is the BULLY after his statement in the February 2020 Minutes abusing his power issuing citations throughout 2020 against unincorporated lake property owners and shaking down people for money.

This also can only mean he knowingly lied in his signed September 2020 affidavit to the court, when he asserted he at that time had authority to issue the citation against the unincorporated lake owner of Druce Lake, an act he repeated against another unincorporated owner, of Third Lake.

By his own admission and affidavit to the court, Butch Buckley is a Class 3 felon.

Think it’s over? Guess again. President Buckley mailed a signed March 31, 2021 letter saying he is again shaking down unincorporated residents for more money in 2021.

But still no arrests from the Lake County SA. Things that make you say “hmmmm”.

Buckley already asked a favor / bribed a Lake County Sheriff Deputy to shake down unincorporated residents.. Is his plan to try the same with a Lake County Circuit Court Judge?

The truth is President Buckley right now is only running the village pink. When the lawsuits against the village begin, the village will be running starkly red.

Keep covering this sinking ship called Village of Third Lake, Eye on Lake County!

Anonymous said...

I think the author of this article meant to publish the meeting minutes rather than the agenda from February 18, 2020. Yes?

If yes, here is the link to the respective meeting minutes.

Without a doubt the village mayor first declared 2/18/2020 the village must have the whole lake annexed into the village to take control of it and to tax it. That was his justification for costly annexation. After annexation, his “other” method of bringing in revenue to supposedly offset all the costs: “Village boat stickers for all.” on the private lakes.

One big problem. That annexation never happens.

Then just months later he lied to the court claiming his lack of annexation of the lakes is irrelevant and he could instead rely on a 3-mile extension statute, a statute which unambiguously prohibits what the mayor testified to it authorizing: issuing tickets against unincorporated owners.

This is how liars operate to continue to try to substantiate pennies of revenue vs. dollars of cost (especially liability) is somehow a good thing. Lawsuits will be the iceberg that sinks the Titanic. You can bet the liar has his life raft at the ready. Trustees like the one signed up to draft the new ordinance and the villagers will be floating on pianos in icy waters, and as they say, without a paddle.

Anonymous said...

It seems the sewage plant may again be dumping into the lake. The BS is thicker than ever. Another renaming is necessary, this time to Schittsville.

Anonymous said...

Captain Crunch at the Village allegedly got a county cop to assist in his March For Plundering the Elderly. Considering the political cesspool the county is, would it be so surprising his grand plan at this point is to lie and find a county judge to rule this is good government?

Can someone put together a timeline to show how wretched and wrong these schemes are? Please include government overreaches and steps taken on other lakes in Lake County and McHenry County. Any prosecutions anywhere? Any litigation against the pirates of the lakes?

Anonymous said...

Captain Money Crunch is more accurate.

The first government overreach on the private lakes appears to be well before the Beacham Lake Zurich case. In 1962, it was “the County of Lake“ overreaching its authority when a Supreme Court judge ruled it was abusing powers of government via county ordinance and trying to take a lake owner’s rights on Wooster Lake. Note the judge’s assessment lake properties are worth less when the government takes by force - an ordinance - from the lake owner.

Forcibly taking without owner’s permission and without compensation is commonly known as stealing.

Certain officials at the county level are actively but covertly engaged to this day in attempts to steal from lake owners. Litigation is long overdue against the county where some are conspiring with and protecting the lead thief in Third Lake.

Litigation is being assured by the do nothing, cover up artist State’s Attorney of Lake County.

Anonymous said...

State’s Attorney Candidate Eric Rinehart says on his website:

“Now, I want to fight for all Lake County families to make our beautiful county safer and fairer for all people — regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation.,,,,,
The prosecutor’s office is the most powerful actor in the criminal justice system. Right now, that power is not being used intelligently, fairly, or morally. It is being wasted because it is destroying lives, not protecting them. The office expends vast amounts of energy without a second thought to the fact that every hour they spend on victimless crimes is an hour they do NOT spend on protecting the public by effectively prosecuting dangerous people. There is no sense of urgency — even as our communities and victims suffer.”

Pot calling the kettle black. Hypocrite.

Granted shakedowns by the Mayor and a County Sheriff’s Deputy allegedly started weeks before Rinehart was elected, the shakedowns into unincorporated areas continue today. Eye on Lake County should publish Mayor Butch Buckley’s shakedown letter dated March 31, 2021 sent to unincorporated property owners several weeks ago.

So where exactly is this “sense of urgency to use this entrusted power to morally protect our communities”? Does his idea of “fight” mean sitting back and not arresting? A Class 3 felony is criminal, not civil. Why no arrests? Why protect a bully mayor and crooked cop? Why are more shakedown letters today in broad daylight being sent from the village to unincorporated residents? The ordinance inow also states the mayor himself will do it again, just like his new letter says. His shakedown is being broadcasted, in writing, in multiple places. There is no doubt what is happening. The Mayor of Third Lake is abusing his power to steal money.

What kind of money and whose money brings this Chicago-style law enforcement to Lake County? In other words, where else is this happening?

Protecting crooks pretending to be cops is only breeding the problem. Every good law enforcement officer knows this. It is beyond a shame Rinehart is turning a blind eye and protecting the threat. He is building no trust with the communities he pledged to protect.

Anonymous said...

Eye on Lake County,
How about covering the good Mayor’s justification for his village’s crusade into the unincorporated?

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is the reason that the Village Clerk resigned abruptly in July. And the Village Attorney also resigned just a few months later.
They were both employed for over a decade, Maybe 2 decades with the Village. Maybe They knew something wasn't right and didn't want to be a part of it. Corruption starts at the bottom with local government. Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

That is exactly why the Village Clerk resigned abruptly. She was also bullied by Buckley.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, he continues to overspend the Village money on ridiculous items that are unnecessary for a Village of 1200 residents. He bought a truck and is building a 3 car garage on the property. I'm assuming he will be purchasing a Village boat in the near future. And don't forget the fancy pier he's going to need for the summer months. And possibly another boat launch just for him.