Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ReMaps of the Ancient World

The out-to-pasture government pensioners at the McHenryCountyBlog reported, yesterday, details of the new Illinois Rep & Senate maps:
The House Speaker's reapportionment web site seems to have new maps. Well, they definitely have different maps, but there's no way to figure out how new, because the date of the new maps is nowhere to be found. No way to ask at 10 o'clock because the email doesn't work. But there is a new map for McHenry County which does pretty much what people at the public hearing requested.
New State Rep. Maps Appear on Speaker's Web Site
The new hot maps were reproduced on the blog:
Erm, reliable sources assure your LakeCountyEye that Currie II was the settled-upon 2002 remap, from back in the day ...
On September 5, 2001, Democrats won a lottery that added a tie-breaking ninth member (Michael Bilandic) to the bipartisan state Legislative Redistricting Commission, which on September 25, 2001 by a 5–4 party-line vote approved the Democratic map called "Currie II as amended by the Bilandic Amendment" after its Legislative Redistricting Commission member authors, state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) of Hyde Park and former Chicago Mayor Bilandic.
The apparently disoriented McHenryCountyBlog might have noticed a wrong turn was taken on the Information Superhighway, from the source they cited:

Illinois Redistricting
After being apprised of the mistake, the McHenryCountyBlog issued a correction:
Go figure. There are two reapportionment web sites out there. The 2001 is still active and that's what I happened upon last night before I wrote the article below, which might be useful for historical purposes but has nothing to do with the map being drawn by Democrats this year.
New State Rep. Maps Appear on Speaker's Web Site – But They Are From 2001
Erm, a quick look at the domain -- clients.ecampaigning.com -- and it's easy to see that there are not two reapportionment websites out there. The website in question is by no means an Illinois government or political website. It turns out instead to be a commercial site owned by a web-design company -- the company that built the 2002 webpage cited as their source by the McHenryCountyBlog:

Campaign Advisory Corporation
Note to operatives: 2002 era maps are, c'mon, like totally oldschool. Your LakeCountyEye never ventures outdoors without the 4G GPS.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of focusing on the backwoods of McHenry County, lets get to the juicy nonsense going on in Lake County like The Forest Preserve Budgeting$300K for website overhaul or the 4.8 million dollar tax levy increase.
Our County Board is a mastermind of smoke and mirrors so lets start exposing them!