Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cooked Over

The operatives are not feeling the love. A McHenry County campaign survival guide posted here, this week ...
Ozymandias, I Met a Traveller from an Antique Land
touched off a torrent of angry responses. Nearly all demanded to know why this blog -- so generous when it comes to aiming the satirical eye toward McHenry County -- virtually ignores the much more populous and relevant Cook County to the south. Well your LakeCountyEye wants to take this opportunity to reassure all you Cook County operatives who aren't feeling the love that, no, you aren't chopped liver.

In fact, as readers of this blog are handsomely aware ...
Not 100% Strange Bedfellows
there is now a distinct possibility that Lake County will get its very own Cook County legislator, for the 59th District, Sid Mathias. Cook Countians venture north of the border rarely, except when to buy Lake County's duty-free cigarettes and beer. Any Cook County politician planning an election campaign in Lake County would be advised to respect the laws and customs up here. To that end, your LakeCountyEye has compiled a Lake County campaign survival guide. Here are ten best-practices for seeking election in Lake County:

A Lake County Political Survival Guide
for Cook County Politicians:
Ten Campaign Tips

  1. Make friends with the country club Republicans at the TeamAmerica10th blog.
  2. For discounted petition signatures, Waukegan is your best bet. Ask for their bulk rates.
  3. The county clerk counts the votes. Address those birthday & holiday cards to Mr Willard Helander.
  4. Lake County is home to 75 major inland lakes, and coincidentally 75 county repositories for your opponent's yardsigns.
  5. Looking for that perfect venue for a fundraiser? Lake County has plenty of casinos.
  6. If you blow a red-light on the way to that fundraiser, Sen Dan Duffy can take care of that ticket for you.
  7. And if you need to be there immediately, the Route 53 Extension is only minutes away.
  8. No, RALC is not lolspeak.
  9. Don't forget that goldfish are eligible to vote in Lake County.
  10. Free train rides for the entire family at the Sidney H Mathias Metra Station, Buffalo Grove IL!

Look for your LakeCountyEye, ragin' against the Cook County machine.


Anonymous said...

Sid Mathias is clearly giving the "non-partisan" Democratic Lake County Eye heart burn.

First you tried to paint him as a Democrat. Now you are claiming he is "Cook County." What's next?

Must be pretty nerve wracking for you watching Mathias, a well-respected legislator, lumped in with Sente, who is still feeling her way around down there.

Governor Gerry would have been proud of those Democratic inspired redistricting maps!

Louis G. Atsaves

Barney Baxter said...

hi Louis,

My thought exactly!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Louis. Lake County's own Dr. Everett V. Scott.