Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dropping Names

So, some operative who turns out to be a trustee at some library district has been showing up to heckle at the public meetings of some government housing agency that fired some wife of his, all the while under some assumed name. Or some junk like that.

So the Daily Herald blasted him in an editorial:
It happens when people lack the courage to stand up for what they say and to say only what they can stand up for. Back in December, we spoke against that kind of destructive misinformation as we floated a series of New Year's resolutions for 2011. It bears repeating. "If you can't sign it," we advised, "don't say it, online, in print or anywhere else."
Speak your mind, and your name
To show -- oh snap! -- they mean business, the Herald notes:
you'll find our names in the top right corner
The word our was italicized for emphasis, although it may have been more forthright of the Herald to italicize the word names, instead. It is easier, after all, to be a courageous editorial writer when there is a committee to hide behind. Your LakeCountyEye did check the top right corner, but only found a banner ad for used cars. Anyhow, here's an actual, undoctored, screen-cap of the editorial:
Operatives are asked to please insert, where one would expect to see an author's signature, a cricket chirrup.

It goes without saying there are countless blogs out there that write with the thick patina of authority, but hide behind fake names like McHenryCountyBlog, TeamAmerica10th, EllenOfTheTenth. Here at your LakeCountyEye you have your LakeCountyEye's solemn pledge: behind every statement made on this blog will stand an honest name -- the name of a true, forthright, courageous individual with an honest name like Barney Baxter or Mr Redtail or Bemused or D-Mac-10 or MadMaxMadsen. And not some totally fake used car dealer ad.

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