Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double Vision

Operatives looking for bargains on Internet sites like and need look no farther than your LakeCountyEye. For the next 24 hours only, operatives visiting this site are eligible to redeem a once-in-a-lifetime two-for-one offer.

The Fine Print: This two-for-one offer is actually a feeble seque for another installment of your LakeCountyEye's hilarious but infrequent Double Vision™ feature -- where a JPEG of someone famous is compared with a JPEG of some other famous person, whereupon infrequent hilarity ensues. As of press time, however, your LakeCountyEye has not actually found any funny photos to publish. Operatives are asked to please enjoy instead these funny photos from other local blogs and websites.

The part-time stringers at TeamAmerica10th have posted their hommage to your LakeCountyEye -- all the while having fun at the expense of a local office seeker:

Bob Dold Pulls Liberal Opponent In IL-10,
But He's No Secret Agent
Here Ilya Sheyman, Young Gun™ & candidate for the 10th Congressional District, is compared with David McCallum -- while hilarity ensues. Ha ha.

Now your LakeCountyEye does not want to seem ungrateful for props given, of any sort, but isn't McCallum something like 100 years old? It will be the 22nd century before Willard Scott sends Sheyman his 100th birthday greeting. Your LakeCountyEye would've gone with comparing McCallum with fellow octogenarian & Young Gun™ emeritus Robert Dold.



Just sayin'!


Team America said...
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Team America said...

Good morning BB- while taking in all the coverage of the end of Bin Laden, I just wanted to dispute your claim of copyright on the idea of funny photo politico comparisons. I was doing that over at Team America at least since I noticed that erstwhile judicial candidate David Weinstein the mechanical fortune teller. This was back in Ocotber 08

As far as I can see, the Eye has been in business since

But that's OK. I enjoy the opportunity to help the fledgling sites crawl out of the nest on their way to stardom.

Barney Baxter said...

hi TA,

Thanks for the head's up. I remember that post, damn funny. BTW the link is broken ... anyone seeking a funny separated-at-birth, see ...

FYI, while your dates are correct, this blog was operating much earlier than you suggest. Prior to a defamation lawsuit filed by a local news organization (that will remain nameless), this blog went by a different name, the McHenryCountyBlog.


Team America said...

Thanks for the clarification, BB. And sorry about my stuttering with the hyperlinks, didn't have ebough coffee this morning.

Also, didn't know about your past incarnation in McHenry County; as you know, not my neck of the woods.