Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walsh for President!

That giant ticking sound you hear is the clock ticking on Eighth District Congressman Joe Walsh. As readers of this blog are metronomically aware ...
Walshed Out?
Walsh, for all intents and purposes, has been redistricted out of the Eighth, and is left with the unenviable choice of choosing from among the least bad of some bad re-election options. Your LakeCountyEye had narrowed the field down to three -- run in either the Eighth, Tenth or Fourteenth Congressional Districts -- that is, until reading Walsh's recent profile in Slate:
Since being sworn in less than six months ago, Walsh has appeared on prime time cable news or Sunday shows 28 times. When Congress is in session, he can appear more than once a week. What the cable bookers get is an excitable, handsome freshman who will say anything.
What Did He Just Say?
Meet Rep. Joe Walsh, the biggest media hound in the freshman class.
The mystery behind Walsh's grandstanding, media-frenzied, freakshow politics turns out to be no mystery at all. Well, duh, Walsh is going to run for President. Of the United States. Of America.

And who wouldn't, given the competition? A formidable incumbent President Obama has the Republican field spooked. Their a-list presidential hopefuls have decided to sit this one out, leaving behind a slate of sorry sadsack also-rans. The GOP's great white hope is ... Minnesotan Jim Pawlenty? Seriously, turn on the teevee lights and a bareknuckle media brawler like Walsh would whip a cheese-eating wannabee like Tom Pawlenty into political fondue.

Walsh may be a longshot to get the Republican presidential nomination. But he would be following a long line of GOP presidential trailblazers. Like Donald Trump. And Ron Paul. And Fred Thompson. And Alan Keyes.

Take it to the Broadway Bank ... Joe Walsh for President in 2012!


Anonymous said...

The only thing Walsh is auditioning for is the Walsh Wacky Hour on Fox Fear News Network.

Since this is a Lake County Blog, I say let's re-focus on Lake County. Walsh is out of the 6 and 10th which are Lake County Districts now. He may choose to move into the 10th, but that wouldn't a smart tactical move.

How about those knuckle heads at the County Board where golf courses are more important that the continuity of care for our senior citizens.

IllinoisJim said...

Dear Mr. Atsaves (Ref Yr May 28, 2011 11:49 AM):

Thank you for your input. There are a whole bunch of savvy people like you following this blog who know about the workings of politics and of Lake County. Yes, this Democratic effort is scummy. It just doesn’t seem right to connect some patch in the upper right with some patch in the lower left with a 500-foot alley of a road. Just ridiculous. A story. I lived in Chicago. I was a Young Republican. Even met Mr. Thompson and chatted with him for maybe 15 minutes. A buddy had a townhouse. All the townhouses had a common water/sewer problem. All were fixed in no time. Except his house. Why? Because he was GOP. He complained to his alderman who responded with a S-Eating grin. Yeah, it eventually got fixed. Well, sort of. My buddy finally had to call in a plumber to get it running.

To me, this is what happens when there is partisan power and partisan disdain for the opposition.

Now we come to Mr. Walsh. And Mr. Mathias. And the 28May11 photo of the Mathias Train Station sign. Is it true that Mr. Mathias worked hard on public transportation, so a grateful people wanted to honor him? Don’t know. I suspect that Mr. Walsh hates that sign. Mr. Walsh wants his Republican Party to destroy anything public, including Mr. Mathias’ support for PUBLIC transportation. Destroy health care, social security, regulation, EPA, public education. Destroy the fire department. (I made that up.)

Did you attend any of Mr. Walsh’s town halls? I sat there surrounded by Mr. Walsh’s FarRight supporters. This wasn’t the GOP that I knew growing up. I felt some serious fear of these people. I will never forget the fear of, disgust with, and determination to block the FarLeft in the 60’s. Guess what. 40 years later, the same feelings toward the Walsh crowd.

Yeah, I am ashamed to admit my relief at seeing this WingNut go by being X’d out in this manner. What I really wanted was everybody in the 8th to rise up and chant, “Hell, Joe. You got to go! This is not the GOP we know!” But that won’t happen in our Lake County.

Anonymous said...

Joe Walsh lacks convictions and he is willing to pander to whomever he needs to. He needs to because of vast indebtedness, and the fact that he was just drawn out of the district compounds the problem. He won't win the next election, but he does need money. The best we can do in the 8th is contain this really bad combination.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness my new rep in the 6th is Peter
Roskam! I plan to support him with enthusiasm.

Zip for Walsh. Bye-bye

Anonymous said...

IllinoisJim, you make many excellent points.

We need to remember that the TeaParty movement is not Republican driven, but drives itself. It also pushes Republicans to act certain ways or take certain positions at different times. Like many other political movements of the past, it will eventually mature and solidify into something more concrete. Time will tell what it solidifies into but they have been around for three years now and keep getting stronger.

There is no national or state Tea Party office although there are many groups claiming to be "chapters" of the Tea Party. A movement still driven not by any particular leadership, but by the grass roots. Don't forget the 912 groups and others who claim tea party roots but do their own things.

I have been to many Tea Party events and Walsh events, and have spoken personally to Walsh and to various Tea Party leadership at different times. So I have developed a few theories about it all.

During the last set of municipal and school elections, many tea party adherents ran for office or campaigned for candidates. They are taking the war cry of "getting involved" pretty seriously. Previously, they were uninvolved (other than perhaps voting) so they are still learning how to organize and run campaigns and messaging. They are improving in those categories by leaps and bounds and are pretty creative at times.

Time will tell if I am right or wrong about them, but I mostly see average or ordinary middle class Americans who are extremely concerned or frightened about the direction of our country and have a strong distrust of government and political parties. They feel that their standard of living has declined with no hope on the horizon under the current path this nation and State are taking. They feel our schools teach children liberal extremism and not American values. They cherish "Liberty" and have carefully researched the Constitution and writings of our forefathers on that subject. They tend to lean Republican because they are extremely conservative and more Libertarian, but getting them to support Republican candidates is a challenge and not an automatic done deal.

Agree or disagree with them if you like, but I'm just reporting what I've encountered.

As to the Mathias sign, my mother lives within walking distance of it (it is in Lake County) and it reminds me of the Adeline J. Geo-Karis Metra Station in Zion, named after my all-time favorite politician who sadly is no longer with us.

Both of them exemplify political beliefs and behavior consisting of moderate stances of working together and reaching out to the other side of the aisle. Both are "problem solvers" instead of "bomb throwers." Today's political climate on both sides of the fence is being set by the extremists and there is no reaching out, no consensus, just red and blue and demonize your opposition at all costs. (Those who call others Dr. Everett for example).

I thought that was a passing fad, but clearly I was wrong.

Oh well.

I just try to do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may. My political mentor stressed that and was very successful at it.

Keep the faith.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Scott.

We see you sneakin' around the corner, drinkin their koolaid like it was going out of style! You fool no one, Louis. You ARE the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the description of your average Tea-Bagger provided by Louis just a little too glowing? His description is positively romantic. Hence the finger down my throat.

Anonymous said...

Note should also be taken that Mr. Atsaves is usually the first one to toss out the tin-foil hat dismissals. He subjects us to his pontificating and crass partisan zealotry like frequent mosquito bites.

To hear him whine about being described as Dr. Scott is un-manly, peckish and silly. Atsaves isn't savvy and should consider a refresher course with his political mentor. He appears to be falling down the tea-party well and joining the ranks of people angrily waving their copies of the Constitution, crying 'socialist!' like they knew what it meant, and 'liberty' in the place of 'conformity!' which is what they really mean. Atsaves joins the ranks of these zealots who's mission is to rid government of anyone who doesn't think exactly like they do. What's next, Dr. Scott, arm bands?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, keep bravely hiding behind your momma's skirt with your little cheap shots.

I prefer philosophy. Perhaps due to my proud Greek heritage. You prefer the Rocky Horror Show. Nuff said!

Louis G. Atsaves

IllinoisJim said...

Mr. Atsaves: Just acknowledging your post with my thanks. Sen. Geo-Karis; the GOP that passed the 64 civil rights act. Bipartisanship will return.