Monday, May 2, 2011

Double Down on Double Vision

It is what every blogger dreads: a protracted slow-news cycle. And none within memory have been slower than the week just past. Since there is nothing current or on the horizon to write about, your LakeCountyEye will use the opportunity to comment on a rumor about this blog that has been cutting a Shermanesque swath through cyberspace.

The rumor is true, this blog used to post under a different name. Back when it was known as the McHenryCountyBlog, this blog was the target of a defamation suit filed by a local news organization (that will remain nameless). Reacting like any red-blooded blogger to a threat of legal action, this blog immediately shut down all operations, changed IP addresses, and recrudesced as your LakeCountyEye. And the rest is history. The end.

Operatives who do not believe frankly tall tales of this nature are asked to refer to this hilarious, past, encore Double Vision™ posted by your LakeCountyEye, back in the day, when under the sobriquet of the McHenryCountyBlog:

Having Fun in Springfield
A head's up to bloggers -- both n00bs and wannabes -- peeping in: this would be a textbook example of an Internet Separated-at-Birth gag. The idea is to poke some fun at a target (in this case State Senator Pam Althoff) by juxtaposing their image against a completely unrelated image (in this case The Cowardly Lion) -- for comedic effect. It is the choice of the unrelated foil to your target that makes or breaks the gag. Please note: same age, same expression, same hair stylist -- now there's comedy!

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