Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pec's Badboys

A head's up to Illinois's congressional delegation: there is new softcoreporn to be found on the Internet, and his name is Aaron Schock. Readers of this blog will recall that Schock is Illinois's most eligible unmarried bachelor Senator/Congressman -- and has the sartorial chops to prove it:

A Not-Gay Republican Illinois Congressman
Schock's latest bodice-ripper is a cover gig on the metrosexually oriented Men's Health Magazine:

The Ripped Representative
Schock, no doubt, was inspired to bare his sixpacks by a former colleague, the so-called Craigslist Congressman. For operatives with short recall, this is the upstate New York Congressman who posted semi-nude pictures of himself on Craigslist (presumably not to sell a refrigerator). He has since been forced into retirement, after battling a history of teh stupid:


Illinois's Senators & Congressmen are asked to take note. The ladies are allowed to look too!

BONUS: Querulous operatives with a bone to pick are challenged to spot the LakeCountyEye Double Vision™ cleverly hidden in this post. OK, it's not exactly like finding Waldo -- but what do you want for free?

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