Thursday, November 8, 2012

Democracy 1, Comedy 0
The Recount

Dewey Defeats TrumanThe Lake County GOP was handed their lunch, this election cycle, and it didn't come in a Chick-Fil-A sack. As readers of this blog are woefully aware ...
Democracy 1, Comedy 0
The Juggernaut known as Barack Obama steamrolled not only the nation but Lake and every other suburban County as well.

Well, almost. As reported by the Daily Herald, not only did Pres. Obama lose in McHenry County he lost big:
McHenry County voters were the only ones in the suburbs to rebuff the president, voting for Republican challenger Mitt Romney overwhelmingly. In 2008, Obama swept all of the suburban counties. "In McHenry County, people were angry when George Bush was president, and they were looking for change in 2008, but this time they were scared," said state Rep. Mike Tryon of Crystal Lake, who is also chairman of the county's Republican Party.
GOP tries to regroup after suburbs go for Obama again
This should not be surprising. McHenry County is home to more than its share of conservative lions -- Cal Skinner, Nick Provenzano, Jack Franks, to name a few. An even more eye-opening statistic: every GOP candidate that won in Lake County won in a district that overlaps into McHenry County:
  • Randy Hultgren Elected
    Hultgren, an undertaker, passed over to an easy victory largely aided by a sizable turnout from the cemetery vote.

  • Dan Duffy Elected
    The secret gameplan, your LakeCountyEye has been told, is to shrink the Illinois Republican Senate delegation down to a size where even a State Senator of Dan Duffy's caliber can get elected minority leader. As of this election cycle, Duffy's odds stand at a very respectable nineteen to one.

  • Village of Island Lake Proposition
    to Determine Whether to
    Appoint or Elect the Village Clerk
    • YES
    • NO
    (Vote For 1)

    Only 1?
    Lake County Clerk

  • Peter Roskam Elected
    An early advocate of the Republican anti-women legislative agenda, Roskam quickly rose to Deputy Whip in the US House. And by convincing voters that he is an advocate of women's rights, Roskam easy wins re-election. Having no equal among peers, Peter Roskam is the Lake County ladies man.

  • David McSweeney Elected
    Joe Walsh will be departing, leaving behind some big shoes to fill. And not just any pair of big shoes, but laughably big shoes. Your LakeCountyEye suspects that McSweeney may be the big man to fill them.
Without any doubt, McHenry County is the Lake County GOP's firewall. For your LakeCountyEye's money, the Route 53 Extension ought to be built right along the McHenry & Lake County border -- the same historic border, by the way, that centuries ago was the original Mason-Dixon Line. The barbarians may be at the gate, but your LakeCountyEye has seen the future of GOP politics in Lake County and its name is McHenry County.

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