Sunday, November 25, 2012

Even More Curran Events

Always follow the money, your LakeCountyEye's mentor, Watergate informant code-named "Deep Throat", often said. In this case, money from his political committee sent Mark Curran, last August, to the Republican Convention in Florida. Curran, who is the Lake County Sheriff, was not a Convention delegate. And as readers of this blog are suspiciously aware ...
More Curran Events
it is unclear how Curran can have justified the trip as a campaign-related expense. Unless that reader happens to be your LakeCountyEye. The "D" in ...
D-2 Illinois Campaign Disclosure Form
must stand for Duh!, because Mark Curran's latest D-2 filing leaves a fairly obvious marker of the political goal he must have pursued in Florida:
Fewer than 30 days after the Republican Convention, Curran's PAC contracted the services of Reverse Spin LLC. Based in Wheaton, Reverse Spin are GOP political consultants whose past clients include Citizens to Elect Joe Birkett:

Expenditure List: Reverse Spin
For those operatives who don't get out of Lake County much, Joe Birkett is the former DuPage County State's Attorney who was the principal in the wrongful prosecution of Rolando Cruz. Birkett ran unsuccessfully for Attorney General in 2002 and unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor in 2006. Birkett was appointed Second District Illinois Appellate Court Judge in 2010.

Your LakeCountyEye can only dream to fail up in an impressive fashion like that. And who wouldn't? If this is Mark Curran's dream career glide-path as well, then it is easy to connect the dots and guess what may have happened last August in Florida.

Curran, in conversation with Illinois GOP heavyweights, may have made known his availability as a possible future state-wide candidate. And the aforementioned heavyweights, to a man, would have been all like: oh, absolutely ... but you need to first hire the guys at Reverse Spin to get you ready for the big leagues.

Haha, it could happen.

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