Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get a Double Room!

lolcat houseIf Marni Pyke & Kerry Lester weren't in their cups this week, they could've fooled your LakeCountyEye. The two Daily Herald reporters single handedly gave big promotions to two Lake County Congressmen.

The lucky recipient of Lester's largess is Eighth District Congressman (and lame duck) Joe Walsh, who hereupon is to be the next Governor of Illinois:
What about a bid for governor for you? A possibility?
Joe Walsh for governor in 2014?
While the object of Pyke's attentions, Sixth District Congressman (and ladies man) Peter Roskam, is henceforth the future Speaker of the House:
But then you never know. Congressman Dennis Hastert's promotion from chief deputy whip to speaker came out of the blue.
Does Peter Roskam's future include speaker's job?
Uninformed sources inform your LakeCountyEye that Roskam and/or handlers charmed the impressionable Pyke with blandishments that ranged from the illusory:
Some think that Roskam could be a contender for chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, of which he is a member.
Does Peter Roskam's future include speaker's job?
... to the deceitful:
Despite a gerrymandered district crafted to favor Democrat challenger Leslie Coolidge, Roskam sailed to victory with 59 percent of the vote.
Does Peter Roskam's future include speaker's job?
Pyke blithely disclosed these dubious statements as facts -- some speculate from under the thrall of Roskam's considerable wealth and status:
Armed with a considerable war chest, he also poured money into other congressional campaigns.
Does Peter Roskam's future include speaker's job?
It's a truism in political reportage: It pays for journalists to work their sources. But it also pays for candidates to work their mouthpieces. Their combined efforts were good enough to earn both Daily Herald reporters this week's Get a Room!™ award.

Your LakeCountyEye Get a Room!™ competition is open to any MSM reporter, or tag-team combo, for whom objectivity and journalistic balance is neither a prerequisite nor an impediment to a story.

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