Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reverse Nips

HB4051 / 96th General AssemblyHaha, an actual lede to an actual Daily Herald story:
Reverse Spin has spun its final news release for the DuPage County Election Commission. After handling media inquires for the commission for several years, the Wheaton-based public relations firm on Thursday notified the commission it didn't want to renew its agreement with the agency.
DuPage Election Commission, public relations firm part ways
For those operatives under home detention, DuPage County is south of Lake County. To get an idea of what DuPage County is like, imagine McHenry County back when before the Dick Tracy Museum closed down. And now imagine that instead of the Dick Tracy Museum it was home to Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab.

No doubt a source of constant envy up here in Lake County, DuPage County has its own election commission, the DuPage County Election Commission. The DuPage County Election Commission has its own governing board, which has its own recent scandal, which precipitated its own mass resignation. All of which may explain why it had its own PR consultants, Reverse Spin:
The decision to hire Reverse Spin was made by previous members of the election panel, all of whom were ousted in April after a consultants' report found poor ethics and procurement practices at the commission. The former board members wanted to have a spokesman to manage the message coming out of the agency, officials said.
DuPage Election Commission, public relations firm part ways
Their work apparently done, Reverse Spin is with the DuPage Election Commission no longer. They did however bounce back quickly with $2500 received in September from the Friends of Mark Curran:

Friends of Mark Curran D-2 Quarterly Report 7/1/2012 to 9/30/2012
Your LakeCountyEye wonders if Reverse Spin will be able to deliver for Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran what they delivered for the DuPage Election Commission?

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