Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Democracy 1, Comedy 0

Lake County Newspaper of RecordIf there is any silver lining to the Democrats's big win Tuesday night, it's that had your LakeCountyEye needed a morning after pill on Wednesday, they would've been still legal. It seemed like your LakeCountyEye had been legitimately raped by the election polls.

Your LakeCountyEye woke this morning to a political landscape bulldozed flatter than real estate specially re-zoned for the DiMucci family. Where there had once been plenty of fertile political comedy that practically wrote itself, your LakeCountyEye now looks ahead to a bleak prospect of having to dig up, cultivate and report on actual stories. There was nothing funny about the 2012 election results.

Here is the unfunny, in order of comedic relevance:
  • Joe Walsh Defeated
    Say it ain't so, Joe. The one glimmer of hope is an upcoming 2014 Republican Primary, featuring at least one Senatorial or Gubernatorial candidate named Joe Walsh.

  • Mitt Romney Defeated
    Perhaps nowhere other than Lake County would just mentioning President Willard "Mitt" Romney be enough to get a laugh.

  • Sid Mathias Defeated
    Your LakeCountyEye only got one opportunity to use this photo:
    Now to be seen exclusively on the dustheap of history.

  • Robert Dold Defeated
    They won't have EllenOfTheTenth to kick around any more.

  • Sandy Cole Defeated
    This is actually a win for readers of this blog, who shall be spared the gratuitous (or two) "Hurricane" Sandy Cole joke.

  • Suzi Schmidt Restraining Order Extended Six Months
    Nuff said.
In this grim, new political landscape that is Lake County, don't expect to see your LakeCountyEye much of anywhere. Except maybe barreling down the Route 53 Extension, looking for some laughs.


Anonymous said...

Are you signing off?

Barney Baxter said...

hi Anon,

I hope not.
But thanks anyways for asking.


Bystander said...

You should also be bemoaning the fact that you won't have David Barkhausen as an object of fun on the Lake County Board. He's a most amusing character, with his automaton-like demeanor, his pants always a bit too short, and his utter disdain for anyone who is not in his income bracket and/or who lives in an unincorporated area.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Bystander,

Hopefully the ex-state-senator will be back some day.