Monday, November 5, 2012

Red Alert!

The national polls all agree on one thing: while the race for President may be tighter than a Blarney Island speedo, back home in Illinois Barack Obama enjoys a insurmountable lead over Mitt Romney.

Anyways, that may be what the Chicago politicians down in Springfield want everyone to believe. But if your LakeCountyEye knows anything, there is only one poll that matters on election day. And that would be ...
Can ties predict the political landscape for 2012?
Solid Color Neckties intends to find out! We're tracking sales of Republican Red, Democrat Blue, and Compromise Striped (for all you swing voters out there) tie sales to try and predict the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.

Solid Color Neckties' 2012 Presidential Election Predictions
As readers of this blog are smartly aware, there is one Mundelein clothing merchant with the inside scoop on this election's outcome ...
Q the Eye/11.03.12
The latest results of their 2012 Necktie Poll are startling. Not only is Illinois not blue but it is not purple or even pink. On the map below, Illinois is Republican red! Operatives are urged to click the map to see for themselves. Romney is on the cusp of an upset landslide win in Illinois.

Solid Color Neckties' 2012 Presidential Election Predictions
For those naturally skeptical, your LakeCountyEye notes that the Solid Color Neckties Poll has accurately predicted every Presidential election since 2011. Which national pollster can match a claim like that? Harris? Roper? Nielsen? Your LakeCountyEye thinks not.

The poll sends a mixed election day signal to operatives. The news is bad for Democrats: You're going to have to work your polls on Tuesday, else you'll see your candidate lose in his home state. But for Republicans the news couldn't be better: All your hard work paid off. Stay home on Tuesday, take the day off -- you deserve it.

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