Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Black Thursday!

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Thanksgiving in Lake County is a time to pause and reflect. A time to pause because the 2012 Election was over and done more than two weeks ago, already. And a time to reflect on the fact that those nominating petitions for the 2013 Primary need to be filed within five weeks, by December 24, Christmas Eve.

And in between all the electoral deadlines, Lake County has much to be thankful for, on this Thanksgiving. Lake County is thankful that it is not McHenry County. That's because in an era of rapid climate change, McHenry County is 55% agricultural, as well as home to a comparable percentage of global warming deniers. Be sure to tell everyone how that economic model is working out for you guys, in another year or two.

Also, because of far-seeing County officials, Lake County is thankful for its economic base of 21st Century manufacturing and high-tech employers -- who were lured here, at taxpayer expense, with promises of free land and generous tax credits. Like, for instance, Motorola over in Libertyville.

But not prone to take Thanksgiving lying down, your LakeCountyEye has taken the opportunity to ask Lake County what it is thankful for. And having responded, Lake County is thankful for many, many things, too numerous to mention. Acutally, it's closer to ten of them:

Ten Things to be Thankful for in Lake County
on this Thanksgiving, 2012
  1. Video Gambling

  2. Banty Rooster Congressmen

  3. Princess Nudelman

  4. The Antioch Rescue Squad

  5. The Route 53 Extension

  6. Island Lake

  7. Rubber Stamp County Commissions

  8. Mundelein Free Range Chicken Ranches

  9. Thugs & Goons Trucked Up from Chicago

  10. Racine Wisconsin Visitor & Hospitality Bureau

Look for your LakeCountyEye again next Thanksgiving, phoning it in, again.

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