Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Triple Agent?

Senate District 26 not withstanding, there must be a lot of long stop lights in the new Illinois House District 61, because the 61st was redistricted to look like a red-light camera:

61st House District

Red-Light Camera
Thank you for enjoying this hilarious LakeCountyEye Double Vision™
The new District 61 extends from the upper right corner of the State all the way down to Gurnee and beyond. And all the way west to Antioch & Lake Villa -- but not quite beyond enough to where JoAnn Osmond, the current 61st District Rep, lives. Osmond according to the News-Sun has nonetheless vowed to run for re-election there ...
State Rep. JoAnn Osmond, R-Antioch, said she will seek re-election to a sixth term in the Legislature from the 61st House District. "I am aware that the requirement is to live in the district you serve," Osmond said. "In the Democratic redistricting process, I was drawn out of my current district. My plan is to relocate to the 61st District upon a successful bid for re-election."
Osmond seeks re-election
As readers of this blog are vaguely aware, there was some speculation that Osmond might run for re-election in the adjoining 64th District ...
Ozymandias, I Met a Traveller from an Antique Land
A decision to run in the 61st, by your LakeCountyEye's reckoning, poses little downside risk for Osmond. Osmond's best chance for victory is in the 61st where she would have name recognition and be the incumbent.

If Osmond does win there in 2012, she would be required to relocate to somewhere within the 61st District boundaries. However, as Joe Walsh has proven, it is possible (not to mention economical) to live out of your legislative office. Illinois Reps get a stipend to maintain an in-district office, so Osmond may be considering the same solution. As readers of this blog are doubly aware, Osmond currently dual-uses her legislative office with her insurance business ...
Double Identity?
Operatives are advised to keep an eye peeled for a triple-use facility
  1. Legislative
  2. Insurance
  3. Home-Address
being leveraged somewhere in the new 61st District, if Osmond is successful in her re-election bid.


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