Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motto Manufacturing

Your LakeCountyEye's psychic powers sometimes scares even your LakeCountyEye. Back in the day, the Village of Wauconda -- to as much hoopla as could be mustered there -- changed its village motto. And readers of this blog were informed that ...
Small-town villages are no different than tweeners. So when one village gets a new motto, then they all have to get new mottoes.
Motto Industry
Well, no sooner said than done! A month later and the News-Sun is reporting that the Village of Antioch will be following suit:
Capitalizing on Antioch's distinctive mid-century "Norman Rockwell" look and feel, its friendliness and proximity to the Chain O'Lakes, village officials are considering a new logo for the village. "Antioch — Authentic by Nature" is the winner of an informal poll of village staff and officials.
"Authentic by Nature" gets nod for new Antioch logo
How spooky is that?

Operatives seeking the identities of future winners (eg Election, Arlington, Mega-Million, whatever) are advised not to flood this blog with their requests. It needs to be stressed that your LakeCountyEye is no Carnac, nay nor even a Kreskin. Because readers of this blog also were told that ...
Villages looking for a new slogan are now expected to throw a bunch of hospitality-budget money at a downtown PR firm to come up with something suitable to everyone's liking. Unless it is a Lake County village, in which case for that downtown PR firm substitute a village committee. And for that hospitality-budget money substitute some slogan ideas donated by villagers.
Motto Industry
They must not have received the memo psychic vibes way up in Antioch. Their new motto is the result of a collaboration between a marketing consultant and the village Economic Development Department. According to the News-Sun ...
"The logo is in blue and green with the letter "O" depicted as a leaf. It was the suggestion of marketing consultant Robin Malpass.
"Authentic by Nature" gets nod for new Antioch logo
Warily optimistic, your LakeCountyEye looked up Malpass's company -- Robin Malpass & Associates:
About Us
Robin Malpass & Associates is a collaborative agency comprised of highly celebrated professionals dedicated to our clients' success.

Robin Malpass & Associates
Your LakeCountyEye is not quite sure what that means. This would be a strong indicator that the company is in the business of marketing & PR. They may even qualify as a downtown PR firm:
Contact Us
Robin Malpass & Associates
Main Office: 630 E Van Buren Street, Ottawa, IL 61350
Sales Office: 222 N Columbus Street, Suite 4508 Chicago IL 60601

Robin Malpass & Associates
Checking the scorecard, your LakeCountyEye successfully predicted that more village mottoes -- in this case Antioch's -- would be changing. However, your LakeCountyEye unsuccessfully predicted that Antioch would take the cheap route and photoshop up an idea likely suggested by a village trustee's middle-schooler. But your LakeCountyEye did successfully predict what every village secretly desires (and given the opportunity will in fact do) which is to hire a downtown PR firm to assume the culpability all the work.

Two out of three is pretty good, even in psychic circles.

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