Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roundabout Lake?

In another victory against job-killing federal regulations, the village of Round Lake lifted its no-wake ordinance on Wooster Lake. Considered a win for libertarians, the village board there voted to rescind any speed restrictions imposed on Wooster Lake boaters. According to the Daily Herald ...
property owners along Wooster Lake are now responsible for settling their differences and deciding whether to have no-wake restrictions for the roughly 100-acre body of water.
Round Lake ends boating speed limit for private lake
Of course as every operative knows, inland boats + warm weather are like firecrackers + lit cigars. Perhaps recognizing they may be sitting on a powderkeg -- or perhaps on the advice of legal counsel -- Round Lake Mayor James Dietz issued a legally indemnifying caveat:
"We wish people would behave," Dietz said.
Round Lake ends boating speed limit for private lake
A tall order for a community where the wheels of justice sometimes turn old-Dodge-City-style: an aggrieved gets behind the wheel of an old Dodge Ram-150 and an aggriever ends up beneath the wheels of an old Dodge Ram-150.

Luckily for all concerned, the Ram-150 was not engineered to be driven atop inland lakes during summer months. However, with lifted speed restrictions, basic physics necessitates an increased probability of untoward mishaps among Wooster Lake boaters.

Your LakeCountyEye has learned that the Lake County Division of Transportation is ready and waiting with one proven remedy. As readers of this blog are roundly aware ...
Roundabout Trips
roundabouts are not only being promoted as the superior solution for traffic safety, be it on land or be it on sea -- but ground is already broken and they are being dug, probably at an intersection near you. There is money waiting to be spent. And there are politically connected contractors ready to build. An explosive combination as your LakeCountyEye has ever known!

Are there aqua-roundabouts waiting, just around the corner, for Wooster Lake? It could happen.

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