Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In Lake County the dog days of summer do not creep in on little cat's feet. Unlucky residents displaced by Monday's twister are being forced to endure spartan living conditions of no electricity or running water. The lucky residents, on the other hand, are up north in their vacation cabins -- where they enjoy spartan living conditions of no electricity or running water. All of which, as every operative knows, means this is the time of year to announce re-election plans.

According to the News-Sun ...
State Rep. JoAnn Osmond, R-Antioch, said she will seek re-election to a sixth term in the Legislature from the 61st House District.
Osmond seeks re-election
And according to the Daily Herald ...
Rep. Kent Gaffney, who was sworn in to join the Illinois House Monday, says he intends to run for election in 2012. Gaffney last week was appointed to finish the term of Rep. Mark Beaubien, who died of a heart attack in June.
Gaffney looking to run for House seat in 2012
Among Gaffney's admirers are the generous government pensioners at the McHenryCountyBlog ...
The base salary for a state representative is $67,836, so Gaffney is taking quite a pay cut by stepping into the public eye. This is still further evidence that people seek pubic [sic] office for more than the money.
Lake County Dem Does Opposition Research on Kent Gaffney
Absolutely -- they also seek public office for the generous government pensions.

Moreover our Springfield reps typically pull in more than the base salary. They get additional stipends for committee assignments and leadership posts. The Daily Herald reports ...
Antioch Republican JoAnn Osmond is one of six assistant minority leaders in the House who receive an additional $17,235 a year for the post. She said party leaders do put in a lot of extra work each year, even during the six months when the legislature is not in session. "I don't think people realize the amount of work that goes into it," she said. "But that's not to say it's not something we could look at and review. I should say I am a little surprised by the amount of money."
State legislators' stipends cost taxpayers $1.7 million
Adding $17,235 to that $67,836 yields $85,017. A committee assignment here, a leadership post there, and -- surprise! -- pretty soon they're talking some real money!

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