Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bloomin' Crazy

A URL containing this provocative HTML page was spotted this morning on the LakeCountyEye RSS-feed:

And ha ha wouldn't ya know it, the crazy freshman would be none other than Lake County favorite son, Joe Walsh.

To be sure, your LakeCountyEye has seen enough of these Internet postings, taking aim at Walsh, the Republican Congressman from the Eighth District. A tiresome rant by some pajama-clad free-loader, living in the basement of a divorced parent, belaboring some left-wing talking-point that nobody cares about in a blog that nobody reads.

Your LakeCountyEye was poised to click the delete button until noticing the unexpected domain of the URL:

Ha ha, that's www.bloomberg.com as in Bloomberg Financial News. And they're ranting about Joe Walsh:
A former teacher with a history of foreclosure and liens for failing to pay income taxes, Walsh ran against runaway spending in Washington and the health-care overhaul law and won his swing district in 2010 by just 291 votes. He defeated Democratic Representative Melissa Bean, who had the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations.
Tea Party Freshman Finds Voters Uneasy About Stance on Debt
Your LakeCountyEye hasn't, technically speaking, actually read the Bloomberg story yet. Operatives able to finish an Internet business-news story without lapsing into a self-induced gummi-coma are asked to keep your LakeCountyEye apprised. Until then, your LakeCountyEye will assume the story is all like:
Wah-wah, we we're sorry we helped get this clown elected. Wah-wah, we want Melissa Bean back.

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Anonymous said...

I've created four companies that have employed hundreds of people. I've taken one of them public. I don't live in the basement of anyone's house. I'm a constituent of the 8th district. All I can say is: "Wah-wah, I want Melissa Bean back." She was the best Republican this district has had.