Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silky Sullivan

Can the hobo beat the gent?Back in the day, there once was a racehorse whose ability to come from behind and win at long odds was the stuff of legend.  And were it not for this horse's ability to pay handsomely at the betting window, your LakeCountyEye would not be enjoying the leisure life of the gentleman blogger today.  The horse was Silky Sullivan:
Silky Sullivan (February 28, 1955 – November 18, 1977) was an American thoroughbred race horse best known for his come-from-behind racing style. His name is now a term used in sports and politics for someone who seems so far behind the competition that they cannot win, yet they do.
Silky Sullivan
If there was any one person in Lake County that Silky Sullivan personifies, he would not be Ed Sullivan Jr. A State Representative in a district gerrymandered to encompass a Republican super-majority, Sullivan has never been the darkhorse in an election. That however may change.

Sullivan, who favors marriage equality, has angered his Republican base -- who have promised to challenge him in the 2014 primary. Against a strong conservative challenger, Sullivan may finally find himself the underdog in an election, next March. Or will he?

Sullivan told the Daily Herald ...
he expects that his support for same-sex marriage this year means he'll face his first primary race in 2014 since he first ran in 2002. He was not shy about how he thinks that'll go. "You'd better be prepared for a battle," Sullivan said.
Sullivan expects primary, eyes leadership
A week later, the specter of a Sullivan primary challenge had the News-Sun all in a lather:
If Sullivan's support for marriage equality is the only blemish on his conservative credentials and provokes a conservative primary challenger, the party will send a signal. It punishes moderation. If a conservative were to defeat Sullivan, it will signal to every other candidate that moderation gets you the GOP political death sentence.
Can Illinois GOP give moderation a chance?
At the same time, the Daily Herald spread a rumor that Sullivan was in a position to be the next House Republican leader:
Suburban Republicans still appear to be the front-runners for the job, with state Reps. Jim Durkin of Western Springs, Tim Schmitz of Batavia, Dennis Reboletti of Elmhurst and Ed Sullivan of Mundelein all expressing various levels of interest.
New rules to pick a new ruler
Of course editorials do not win elections. What do the voters think about the rebranded Ed Sullivan Jr? Some of them have sent letters to the editor.

This letter appeared in the Daily Herald:
It is important that those of us who stand united with Rep. Sullivan show our support and let him know we appreciate his stance on this important issue. Thank you, Rep. Sullivan.
Praise for lawmaker’s support of gay marriage
This one appeared in the News-Sun:
I wish to thank Rep. Ed Sullivan for his support of the Marriage Equality Act. I know he went against many members of his party to do so, but apparently he felt it to be as important as I do.
Marriage equality
Another, more recent, letter appeared in, again, the Daily Herald:
Kudos to state Rep. Ed Sullivan for announcing his support of marriage equality in the face of protests from his party and opposition from his church.
Praise for support of marriage rights
Do media talking points like these ever appear all by chance?


Will there be touted, in the next election, a come-from-behind longshot -- a candidate who wins in spite of impossible odds? Your LakeCountyEye thinks not. Silky Sullivan will not be running in Lake County.

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