Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spinning in Reverse

You can stop now, we have a winner. As readers of this blog are competitively aware ...
The Ex-Cubs Factor
operatives were challenged to guess the new name the Chicago Cubs will take after the franchise moves to DuPage County, location TBD. The winning entry -- DuPage Reverse-Spin Doctors -- comes from the Illinois Second District Appellate Court, courtesy a court messenger. The lucky winner will receive a pair of Chicago Cub DuPage Reverse-Spin Doctor tickets, for opening day at the club's brand-new stadium in DuPage County. TBD.

Sharp-eyed operatives may recall that Reverse Spin is also the name of the DuPage County political consultants that Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran had hired, for purposes TBD. As reported on this blog last January ...
A Reverse Spin of Fortune
Curran's campaign committee -- Friends of Mark Curran -- posted expenditures of $5000 made out to Reverse Spin.

But that was back in the day. Since then even more money flowed out of Curran's PAC and into Reverse Spin's bank account -- another $5000 to be exact:

SBE Expenditure List
Hawk-eyed operatives will recall that Curran at one time was telling the press that he planned to run for Illinois Attorney General in 2014. Currans's last $2500 payment to Reverse Spin is dated on February 11 of this year. Perhaps not uncoincidentally Curran then told the press on February 13 that he would not run for Attorney General, and as reported in this blog ...
he would be seeking re-election as Lake County Sheriff instead.

Note to operatives: Your LakeCountyEye does political consulting as well. And if you know of anyone who wants to become Illinois Attorney General, or hold some other high office, your LakeCountyEye will be glad to take their money. And give them advice. And until it becomes obvious it's something that ain't gonna happen in a million years.

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CountyLeaks said...

An unindicted operative informed CL that Reverse Spin is shilling for a new campaign. The list of endorsers supports this rumor.

When CL talks, LCE listens.