Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Disarm with a Smile

Do I feel lucky?Of the 102 counties in the State of Illinois, not one loves their guns more than Lake County. And by gun your LakeCountyEye means the semi-automatic military-style assault rifle.

So when nanny-state municipal government bureaucrats start talking about banning these guns, Lake County takes notice. According to the Chicago Tribune:
About 50 suburban firearms enthusiasts recently gathered in Buffalo Grove to strategize on how to oppose assault weapons bans currently under consideration in Highland Park, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest, Waukegan and elsewhere.
Gun enthusiasts ready to fight assault weapons bans
A firefly on the wall, there, tells your LakeCountyEye that attendees were advised to make their concerns directly known their municipal representatives. And one Illinois State Rifle Association leader reminded everyone to remain civil:
"Of course, always be polite"
Gun enthusiasts ready to fight assault weapons bans
Good advice for anyone mustering an army of gun rights advocates eager to launch a full-frontal assault against a big-brother government that wants to infringe everyone's government-protected freedoms. Never assume you can win a political battle solely by virtue of the fact that you possess the assault rifle -- even if said battle is over your right to possess said rifle.

When it comes to winning over hearts and minds, there are better ways than shooting from the hip. Your LakeCountyEye can recommend, instead, some focus-group-tested talking points that are 100% guaranteed to bring around even the most pointie-headed government functionary bent on confiscating your guns:
  • Greet your pointie-headed government functionary with an ice-breaker that reassures nobody will get hurt ...
    No, that is not a gun in my pocket. I'm just glad to see you.
  • Make your sales-pitch in a calm, even, and emotionless manner ...
    Did you know guns do not kill people? People kill people.
  • If your pointie-headed government functionary is not persuaded, assure him there are no hard feelings ...
    Go ahead, make my day.
And remember, always be polite!

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